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Member Concerns

Users may file reports of concerns they have with the site regarding allegedly inappropriate language, images or gestures made on MissTravel. Threats of violence, apparent stalking, or any other user behavior that makes another user feel that his or her well-being is threatened should be reported not only to our Member Concern team, but also to local law enforcement agencies immediately.

  • How do I file a complaint against another MissTravel user?
  • Do you have a system for members to rate other members?
  • How do I hide my profile/photos from other users?
  • What does blocking do?
  • How does suspension work?
  • How does a user get suspended?
  • What happens after suspension?
  • How can a user get an account restored?
  • Under what circumstances will an account be deleted?
  • How can a user be flagged for spamming?
  • The user I arranged travel with did not follow-through with the agreed trip!
  • Another member stole from me, is harassing me, or hurt me physically.