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What Makes A City Sexy
  • Posted Mar 29, 2013
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Our list of the Least Sexy Cities in America caused quite the stir of emotions. Dozens of North Carolinians wrote into us, upset that we had disgraced their great state by bestowing one of their own cities as the “Least Sexy” in the nation. Sorry, North Carolina, but the numbers don’t lie. This wasn’t an opinion poll, but rather a look into the cities that our members are generally not interested in visiting.  But what makes a city sexy? Here are a few factors we would say contribute to a city’s sex appeal, and it has nothing to do with the people who already live there.

Panoramic Views

One could argue that any skyscraper could provide panoramic views of the general outlay of any given city. But some cities offer better views, such as rolling hills, mountains or water. A great view provides an organic setting for romance that can not be replicated.


While many cities are near the coast, or a river might run through it, not all coastal cities are created equally. Some cities, like Chicago or Miami, incorporate their proximity to a body of water better than others. Their sex appeal comes from the quality and aesthetics of their beaches, as well as the amenities, night life, restaurants and activities located near or at the water.


People like being stimulated on vacation whether it’s hiking, rock climbing, skiing or boating. Participating in an outdoor activity can be a great way to break the ice with a new couple as well as a bonding experience. So any city that has a variety of outdoor activities is going to have great sex appeal.


For singles, the sex appeal of a city is directly related to the sex appeal of its nightlife. If a city has a thriving city center with fun events, clubs, bars and restaurants, the city is going to garner more interest than a city that lacks in energetic nightlife.

What do you think makes a city sexy?



2 Responses to “What Makes A City Sexy”

  1. Jill says:

    I understand that your site has purely subjective means to determine if a city is “sexy” of not. As a person who has traveled the globe and seen my fair share of breath-taking cities, I believe your list to be inadequate. I think the biggest factor for many of your “dating” travelers to determine a city’s sexiness is more about the night life, clubs, dance-halls, etc., that are available, than a city’s actual panoramic views, water, nature, etc.
    I know for a fact Chattanooga has extensive nature trails, beautiful vistas of mountains and rivers, skydiving, art museums, eclectic night clubs, water activities, a wealth of shopping venues, and a fabulous downtown area with elegant hotels and entertainment just a couple blocks away.
    Should those factors be more important than night-life, then most of the southern cities, especially Chattanooga, TN, would not be on that list. Perhaps, for future travelers, you might consider actually researching what a city has to offer before writing it off simply because there are fewer clubs and bars than cities like New York or Seattle or because its southern. Most of the information I just listed is on the city website. Do yourself a favor, do some homework and resist the urge to ignore or insult a city because you or your clients know nothing about it. You might find there is more revenue for you if you partner with these places for travel deals and encourage your travelers to “take the road less traveled”.

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