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What to Wear to the Club
  • Posted Sep 22, 2015
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By the time one hits their mid-twenties they’re usually more apt to hit up a local pub or lounge for an evening out rather than “nae nae-ing” in “da club gettin tipsy,” which is why sheer panic consumes us when clubbing becomes part of the plan.

Although “respectable” and “nightclub” are not always synonymous, it’s important to stay true to oneself and select pieces that are representative of one’s personality and daily style. Once you’ve established which club you’ll be venturing to, start by utilizing online guides like Yelp! to read dress code restrictions and personal reviews, also browse any user uploaded images to clue into what others may be wearing for an evening out.

Once you’ve established the potential vibe of the evening, look to trending style icons like Gigi Hadid and Nick Jonas to pull a little inspiration. Unless you’re traveling to a balmy location like Honolulu or Sao Paulo, it’s best to stick with dark, neutral colors that’ll compliment the dark atmosphere.

Guys, stick with modern silhouettes. Baggy chinos and button-downs are a thing of the past. In 2015 men should dress like they at least know what they’re doing. Impress a lady by selecting dark, masculine, gentlemanly pieces from brands such as AllSaints or Club Monaco.

Ladies, the same rule applies – modern silhouettes. Sure, Kim Kardashian may have been wearing Herve Ledger in 2008, but in 2015 it’s not about the bandage dress. Women should go for pieces that accentuate their figure without being too obvious. Peruse brands like Zara for an updated evening look without the hefty price tag.

If you do happen to find yourself in a toasty, sultry location then opt for pieces specified for resort or summer travel. The rule of the warmth: anything goes..besides basics. So complicated, right? When visiting a tropical locale it’s important to consider the climate and, more times than not, black isn’t on the “in” list. Sunshine-cities are the place to let your inner color shine.

When visiting a somewhat-stifling city, men should stick to lighter hues like white, camel and khaki when venturing out to bars or clubs. It is not necessarily the same game for their counterparts…skin is in, unless you’re in a region that does not appreciate women (or men) exposing their warmer side. Always be sure to check local city and country regulations pertaining to fashion. If the city that you’re visiting is comfortable with self-expression through clothing, then both men and women should shop stores like H&M and J.Crew to create the look without busting the bank account.

Ultimately an evening out is about enjoying oneself, so consider these guidelines but remember to remain true to your personal style.

What do you wear to the club?


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