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Travel With Pride
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No gathering strikes a joyous chord with the flamboyant quite like Gay Pride. Across the country, festivals of equality are held for the half naked and fabulous. The time of celebration is a perfect chance to Travel With Pride, and get your gay on in style.

Finding the perfect travel partner can help you get it in… or get you into Pride across the country. One festival is a hot, sweaty, and unforgettable experience. Now, just imagine five of them. By seeking a companion who’s down for the cause and up for glitz and glam, the best Pride festivities are at your dirty disposal.

We chose five first-rate Pride events for you parading pleasure. Conveniently, no two events conflict, so you can attend as many events as your heart desires.

Oh hey, fiery Phoenix: April 6

Pack your tighty whities and body paint, because unlike most pride events which only last a week, these peacocks fan their feathers for ten fabulous days of festivities. This unique event kicks off with an honorable momentum. It’s referred to as Dine out with Pride, a charity donation of ten percent profits by local eateries.

The event continues with a bachelor and bachelorette party, then a fabulous production of Hairspray. Pride Parade kicks off the two day festival, where the real fun begins. Traditional vendors and performers line the streets for the fair, capped off with a charity gala to conclude nearly two weeks of pride.

Magic happens in Miami: April 11

Two words: Gloria Estefan. You can shake your body on a double decker in the parade or do the conga on a fanciful float. Naturally, the bash commences with perfectly queer parade progression where one lucky winner is awarded gayest gay in show.

While this is only the sixth year, Miami Pride has quickly emerged as the largest annual gathering in South Beach. They host a high heeled running contest for boys and girls, giving a new meaning to drag racing. Combining the coastal atmosphere with outrageous LGBT events makes south Florida a hotspot in more ways than one.

Love and LGBT in LA: June 26

Get more bang for your buck by heading to the largest Pride event in SoCal. They don’t call it WeHo(es) for nothing. As a mecca of tastemakers, LA Pride Parade highlights over 400,000 participants, making this the most fabulous crowd east of The Abbey.

As a special addition, The Erotic City is an art exhibit to tantalize the senses and arouse the kinky desires of guests. If you can only make it to one event this year, LA Gay Pride is our top choice. It will clearly be the spot where everyone gets hot and heavy.

A lesbian paradise in NYC: June 29

The 20th annual Pride festival features rich historic culture runs that wild in the streets. LGBTs from across the land head to the Meatpacking District for naughty innuendos, and glamorous gay bars. Last year, Lady Gaga made an impromptu performance and brought the little monsters to tears. Featuring all lesbian djs, Teaze will blast electronica through the city, all while incognito celebs roam the streets.

Hudson Terrace boasts a staple rooftop soiree where hot studs can sweat it out in the sun. The main NYC Pride mixes vendors, entertainers, and activities with local sponsors sure to tickle anyone’s fancy. And the best part is: the festival is free!

Sin City surprises in Las Vegas: September 5

Complete with all the neon and glitz that comes stock in Vegas, this pride event is taking glam to new heights. There’s nothing sinful about being L.G.B.or T. But honey, if they’re calling it wrong then I don’t want to be right. Vegas is the devil’s playground, and there is nothing quite like shaking those toned cheeks at Marquee Dayclub with fellow Pridesters.

The streets of downtown LV will be steaming with satisfaction at the explosive glitter party. Free shuttle service is provided to the strip and all major events for tipsy travellers. The festivities also feature a plethora of local vendors, like the Cupcakery and Frankie Marino’s Divas variety show. Travel sites catered to the LGBT community like Gay Vegas Travel have popped up online, so visitors are easily informed of all the most attractive attractions in one convenient click.

Pride only comes once a year for some, but locking down the right travel companion can take you from coast to coast for the queerest congregations around. Just think of how jealous all your Instagram followers will be.

Which locales make your Pride list?

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