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Travel Safely: Background Checks Are Here
  • Posted Oct 19, 2012
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Nervous about jumping on a plane to date a virtual stranger?  Drop your worries, MissTravel.com now offers background checks! Ask your travel companion to get verified, before you take off on your destination date. Safety is important, so set your mind at ease and set the mood for romance. Get verified and ensure others that you are here for the right reasons.



With the help of our partners at TC LogiQ, Inc., a background screening authority with over 40 years of experience, all users will now have the opportunity to become a “Verified Member.” (Click here to view the details of our new update.)

Users will be extensively screened based on criminal records/databases in relation to:

  • » Registered Sex Offenders
  • » Sex Crimes
  • » Violent Crimes
  • » Domestic Violence
  • » Felonious and Misdemeanor Assaults

Members will be searched for the following: Address Trace, Social Security Number Verification, and International Wants and Warrants. Profiles that pass the screening will earn a “Background Verified” badge. This practice is revolutionary for online dating, as the majority of online dating websites (i.e. Match.Com) merely search criminal records.

So what are you waiting for? Become a MissTravel “Verified Member” today!

What do you think of these background checks? Do you feel more comfortable traveling with a member who has been verified?

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7 Responses to “Travel Safely: Background Checks Are Here”

  1. Gwen says:

    I’m so thrilled that you guys have done this! I’ve been putting off my rendezvous with other members a bit because I was a bit wary. This will make me feel a lot better about my travels.

  2. Ilana says:

    Great idea. Now, if only it didn’t require money…

  3. Melanie Kropik says:

    I am so glad that this has been added to the site. I did it even on a tight budget because I think it a must for safty. When I did a search on profiles I see not many have, guess because it is so new. I will talk to any of the generous men on the site, but would probably never go on a trip with them unless they were verified.

  4. Generously Creepy says:

    Hmmmm…seems lie these checks are one way: done on generous members ONLY. Despite this new feature, I’m still hesitant to allow an ‘attractive traveller’ to travel with me as her partner-in-crime/serial criminal of a boyfriend lurks behind us…waiting to pounce me at that right moment. I mean, what does this site offer to ensure miss attractive traveller doesn’t have sinister ulterior motives upon meeting me?

  5. beautytreat says:

    In my opinion background check is vital for the peace of mind of the people involved. It is so new to me and still learning about this website. Whether business, private life everywhere you can find people trying to use you or abuse you, but there are also genuine and curious people like me who just wants to spend a good quality time and experience something unique with a special person. At least hoping for it…so all fingers crossed and let’s see where it takes me 🙂

  6. FTC says:

    Before any verification is done, the best way to proceed is to choose with whom you will want travel, make an detail “Favorite” profile and then get into the verification process and if you are sincere have an Police Report made out from your county or your Town Hall will issue you a character declaration, serious travelers who are looking for “Companions” Male or Female should be able to suffice such an declaration & this should create an Comfort zone between the Generous Male plus the traveler, is one way to follow that there is no Scam !!
    I would also suggest to serious finders to plan a trip to her country meet up with her and proceed from there on, she should be able to provide some verification her self, spend a weekend “Ice Breaker” once the comfort zone has been achieved “Fly Out” have a good time.
    Back Ground checks for persons who are seriously looking for having a good time, should be not a great issue at all as both Male & Female have the right to feel secure with their Travel Partners – We all should take some responsibility.
    To all – Have Great Fun 🙂

  7. I saw a lot of website but I believe this one holds something extra in it.

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