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Travel Like a Gent
  • Posted Aug 5, 2014
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I love to travel. There is something exciting about waking up in a new location surrounded by the unfamiliar. When abroad, you never know what to expect — who you’re going to cross paths with, what foods you’re going to eat, or what spontaneous activities you may come across.

There are many travel guides for women, but one must not forget about their counterpart. Although men can be low maintenance, below are a few recommendations all men should encompass while traveling internationally.

Sensible, Stylish Shoes

While many tourists, especially North Americans, may interpret “comfortable shoes” to mean Crocs, those foam-based monstrosities should be kept where they belong (buried in a landfill). The international male traveler should opt for something both fashion-forward and comfortable.

Personal recommendation? Cole Haan’s new ZeroGrand line may be the answer to your travel-footgear prayers. The ZeroGrand collection offers an innovative, lightweight take on the classic wingtip, and they’re super-comfortable. Pair the ZeroGrand with shorts or jeans for a daytime look but easily transition the zappos to evening by donning slacks or a suit.

Travel Tote

Yeah, yeah, you think real men don’t carry bags. That’s a thing of the past. The modern male traveler should accessorize with a subtle, luxurious satchel. Coach, the iconic leatherwear brand, has recently introduced a new range of mens travel bags. However, buyer beware: leather totes can be excessively heavy.  I recommend the Saffiano leather for lightweight durability.

Zagat Guide

A printed Zagat guide isn’t just charmingly old school – it communicates an air of refined elegance. There is not a point in traveling if you’re going to miss out on the best of the best. One must remember to pack this guide away in a tote (mentioned above) to avoid the dreaded disheveled-librarian aesthetic.

Shaving Soap Bar

Liquids are, often times, limited or prohibited when traveling internationally. Rather than buying a new can of shaving cream at each destination, opt for a shaving soap bar. French beauty brand L’Occitane offers a vegetable-base shaving soap for just $12.  (Your skin can thank me later.)

What is your travel essential?


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