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Travel Girl Meets Travel Boy: A Cabo Romance, Part Dos
  • Posted Jul 16, 2012
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A well rested day in Cabo San Lucas can be defined by drinking by the pool and laying out on the beach until the sun goes down. When you’re only in Mexico for 72 hours, you can’t afford to waste a single moment! Read about Steve & Sibel’s first day in Cabo : here.



After dusk, Steve & Sibel headed in to town for dinner at Maro’s Shrimp House. The MissTravel couple dined on shrimp & lobster, washed down with Maro’s signature drink, the Bulldog.


A few margaritas later, they were ready to dance the night away at some of Cabo’s hottest clubs, starting with Cabo Wabo and ending at The Pink Kitty.




Despite the late night, Steve & Sibel woke up early for a morning run. They spent their last day together riding horseback through the mountains followed by a couples’ massage on the beach. Sibel & Steve’s romantic MissTravel weekend was quickly coming to an end, and their last night had arrived. Steve wasn’t done surprising Sibel yet however, saving the best date for the last night. He made reservations at one of Cabo’s most romantic restaurants at the exclusive Capella Resort, where they dined under the stars, nestled between the ocean and the cliffs.


Steve & Sibel laughed and talked until just minutes after midnight, before slipping, hand in hand into the night. The next morning, Sibel woke up early to surprise Steve with breakfast, a special thanks for planning such a wonderful trip. After breakfast, it was time for Sibel to go, and they kissed each other goodbye.


But it wasn’t the last time they would see each other. A few weeks later, Steve went to New York to visit Sibel, and a few weeks after that, Sibel went to San Diego to spend the weekend with Steve. Steve and Sibel no longer use MissTravel, because, well they found what they were looking for, and they are still currently dating.

But how did it happen? How did Sibel & Steve go from making online dating profiles on MissTravel.com, to falling for each other in Cabo? Let MissTravel be your guide and find out how you can fall in love with MissTravel too. Are you ready to take the plunge?

9 Responses to “Travel Girl Meets Travel Boy: A Cabo Romance, Part Dos”

  1. Michael says:

    My name is Michael I think that Sibel & Steve make a great couple. I think and hope that they are the first couple to settle down and get married from this site .

    To hell with what they said on the 20/20 show. I am now divorced Non smoker but social drinker and I would love to find someone special just like the two of them to spend a few days at a Upscale Nude Spa in California with.

    If so please get in touch and email if a female and comfortable with your self and a non smoker.
    Email is uwant2comewithme at yahoo dot com , please put in the subject line hello from MssTravel.com

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree with Michael above.
    I watched the video and I think it was cute

    I would do it and I will take Michael up on his offer and contact him and see where it can go. I have heard about a Crem’e de la Crem’e spa like that in California and I would really like to find out what the spa is all about. I heard its really nice and very Upscale and very relaxing.

    I hope to some day have the chance to go. But Michael if you come back to this page I will contact you soon .

    Lisa from Chicago

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  4. sk says:

    was this a long time ago because I just got favorited by this guy today lol

  5. D says:

    ♥♥♥ ★★(。◕‿◕。)ღ ★★♥♥♥
    Congratulations SK, don’t waste time, its too precious,
    check that guy out, pick his brain, see what he’s about girlfriend

    I just returned from a trip with a smart, intelligent guy
    I loved the 20/20 video and the story of romance,
    good for you S & Sibel-So far I’m loving the MissTravel site….

  6. sk says:

    D…i’m saying the guy from this news story favorited me…the guy dating sibel lol

  7. Jennifer Gwynn says:

    This was back in June. Steve may be back in the dating game.

  8. Alyan says:

    – Thanks so much for these Dean, you were great to have around on the day and we LOVE the phoots! You and James did a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to see more of your images from the day. Oh, and thanks everyone for the lovely comments and yes, Mell is gorgeous and I have done well for myself, but no need to go on about it

  9. […] can read about Steven and Sibel’s date  here: Part I & Part II. Catch MissTravel.com on ABC 20/20′s Vacation Confidential on Saturday March 23rd starting at […]

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