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Travel-Dating During A Natural Disaster
  • Posted Nov 5, 2012
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Travel-Dating During A Natural Disaster

Millions of people were left without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and hundreds of thousands were left stranded, unable to reach their final destinations. While a natural disaster can be a devastating force of nature, it can also be a great lesson in compatibility. After all, you wouldn’t want some who leaves you high and dry during inclement weather, to father your children. Here are a few ways you can determine if you’re compatible, by weathering the storm together:


At the beginning of a relationship, men are more apt to opening doors, and pulling out chairs. But once they’ve won you over, they tend to loosen up on the chivalrous acts. During a natural disaster, there are so many more opportunities for chivalry, and not all men are up to the challenge of being a gentleman during the chaos. A true gentleman will never let go of your hand, always puts your comfort and safety above his own and will shield you from any potential risks whenever possible. If he leaves you high and dry during a natural disaster, your chances of making it in the real world our slim to none.


On a normal first date, you would spend anywhere from 2-3 hours together, which will be spent impressing each other with both people on their best behaviors. If you are caught together during a natural disaster, it’s highly possible that you will have to spend a lot more time together, in extremely close quarters. Discussions that probably wouldn’t happen until much later in your relationship will crop up out of boredom, and personality quirks will bubble to the surface. It will quickly become apparent if you travel companion has the personality, wit, intelligence, and humor you desire in a mate.Or not..


Her profile says “drama-free”, but the girls who need to add a disclaimer like that seem to “doth protest too much”. I can’t think of a quicker way to find out if she really is a drama queen (or not) than by adding wind, rain and impending doom. If she can’t handle a change in plans, or a life with out her phone, and by default her social media circles, than you better be up for the challenge of consoling and talking her down from a ledge.


The power has been out for hours. You are drinking wine by candle light, when he comes in from the rain after securing a window, dripping wet. How quickly you’re inconvenient vacation can turn into a Nicholas Sparks novel when hormones are involved. Even during a catastrophic event (or maybe, especially), it’s hard to disassociate candlelight and romance, and if the spark isn’t there, it will be blatantly obvious.


Friendship is the best foundation of any relationship. You should enjoy spending time with your partner under the best of circumstances, and in the worst, he should at least possess the ability to make you laugh. Having fun is so important, and being forced to turn off your phones, tablets and electronics can be a great test in creativity.

Okay, so even if you were on a cruise off the shore of Seaside Heights, NJ last week, your first date probably wasn’t as dramatic as Jack & Rose in Titanic. But there are so many opportunities to discover what is important in each other during a catastrophe. If you can make it two days holed up in a room with out electricity and still want to see each other again, you’ll probably be just fine.

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