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Top Travel Tips for Annapolis
  • Posted Dec 21, 2016
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Annapolis is a small but charming city that offers every imaginable summer pleasure. Sitting right on the water of the Chesapeake Bay, you would do well to see it from both land- and sea-based perspectives. Within a week on a yacht charter from Annapolis, you’d have ample opportunity to experience the city’s highlights as well as see other points around the bay.

Maryland State House

Always on a list of must-see attractions, the state house is older than the United States itself, having been finished in 1722. It is where the treaty ending the Revolutionary War was signed and is both the former seat of national government and the longest continuously operating state capitol in the country. Visit: The Statehouse Website.

Banneker-Douglass Museum

Named after the great figures of Benjamin Banneker and Frederick Douglass, this is the state’s official museum for African American history and cultural contribution. Although the Mason-Dixon line was drawn at the request of the British Crown in order to stop colonists’ infighting over territory, it became the de factor dividing line between slave and free states. Maryland’s proximity to Pennsylvania meant that abolitionists had better contact with their sympathizers in the north and escaped slaves had less distance to travel to freedom. With Harriet Tubmam, Thurgood Marshall, and other historical players hailing from Maryland, the state boasts an important role in the ending of slavery and the advancement of civil rights. Visit: bdmuseum.maryland.gov.

Cantler’s Riverside Inn

Run by a fifth-generation waterman, this restaurant can be reached by boat, as can many other crab houses dotting the shores of the Chesapeake. They even provide handy instructions for those arriving by water: “Enter Whitehall Bay, pick up flashing channel marker 320NW to the restaurant. Free docking is available on a first come, first serve basis.” They serve a huge variety of seafood and are famous for their steamed hard-shell crabs, which can run out, as they are caught daily, so arrive early. Visit: www.cantlers.com.

Annapolis Tours and Crawls

If you just can’t decide what to do and you’d rather spend more of your time on the water, get a goodly amount of sightseeing in by joining a ghost-themed walking tour or haunted pub crawl with Annapolis Tours and Crawls. All tours go through the historic center of the city, so you’ll get to see all the beautiful architecture, and the company has a reputation for great guides. Visit: Tours and Crawls.

Sailing the Chesapeake Bay means you can do as much or as little as you want. The largest estuary in North America offers rich history and plenty of flora and fauna on land and water.

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