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Top Cities To Visit As A New Couple
  • Posted Aug 26, 2015
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Location, location, location – it’s one of the most important factors when making travel or property decisions. For new couples planning their first holiday together, the secret to turning that budding relationship into something long-term, lies in the vacation location.

According to MissTravel’s latest study, some destinations prove to be the breeding ground for successful romance.

MissTravel gathered data from exit polls completed by members who claimed to meet their significant other through the website. New couples looking to take their relationship to the next level should consider vacationing to one of these destinations:


Oranjestad, Aruba

We found that more people who visited Oranjestad, Aruba for their destination first date resulted in a relationship. With gorgeous beaches and a relaxing ambiance, it’s easy to see how sparks could fly while getting to know someone over a romantic weekend in Oranjestad!


Las Vegas, Nevada

Surprisingly, Las Vegas, notoriously known as Sin City, was the second most visited destination by couples who stayed committed long term. Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world with five star spas and fine dining. There’s no need to even leave your hotel!


Bali, Indonesia

Primarily known for its tropical beaches, Bali has an abundance of natural beauty to offer. Lush forests, volcanoes, sacred caves and awe-inspiring waterfalls will have the two of you in love with your surroundings and each other.


Miami, Florida

With white beaches, luxurious hotels and sexy nightlife scene, there are endless ways to ignite a romance while visiting Miami. “The Sun and Fun Capital of the World” was the fourth most visited city by committed couples.


Paris, France

They call Paris “The City of Love” for a reason! Take a stroll, hand in hand, along the Seine River. Visit the Eiffel Tower after sun down as it lights up the Parisian sky. It’s hard not to have romantic feelings when the language of love is being spoken all around you!


San Francisco, California

The rolling hills and golden sunsets are a perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday in San Francisco. Pack a picnic and have lunch on the beach or admire the beauty around you (in more ways than one) at the Golden Gate Park’s Garden of Shakespeare Flowers. It’s no surprise that couples fall in love when visiting “The Golden City”.


Paradise Islands, Bahamas

Find a secluded place on the Bahamas’ many miles of powdery white beaches to relax and get to know your new travel companion. Go for an underwater snorkeling adventure. No matter what you’re doing, you two will be surrounded by romance in Paradise Island!


Rome, Italy

Walk together to one of the many places to see breathtaking panoramic views of Rome. Discover a little trattoria (Italian restaurant) along one of the medieval roads, away from overcrowded tourist spots. However you decide to spend your time in the “Eternal City”, it’ll have the two of you thinking about eternal love.


Toronto, Canada

Getting to know someone new while witnessing the beautiful Toronto skyline at sunset is a sure way to set the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Toast to your new relationship atop a starry rooftop bar or have a little friendly competition at a board game cafe. Any of these romantic picks make Toronto a great choice for new couples.


Cancun, Mexico

Share a daybed made for two while soaking up the beautiful Caribbean weather in Cancun. Explore the mysterious natural treasures of the Yucatan Peninsula together or set sail on the romantic sunset dinner cruise, the Lobster Dinner Tour. However you two spend your time together here, you’re sure to leave wanting more of Cancun and from your new relationship.


Have you traveled to any of these cities for a destination first date?


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