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Top 5 Musical Destinations in London
  • Posted Jan 23, 2017
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The world would be such a different place had there been no acoustic creations. It fills the long lonely space between lovers, uplifts the broken-hearted, feeds the hungry soul, claims the imagination of the artist and lulls the tired to sleep. Soldiers, doctors, teachers, athletes, construction workers- the list of occupations can go on but you’ll hardly find a person who hasn’t been touched by music some time. Music heals, feeds, loves, destroys, soothes and carries you much like life itself does. Music saves life from what could have been a dreary existence.

Whether it’s pop, jazz, rock, blues or alternative, there is always a particular niche that you can crawl in and let your worries ebb away.

Land of Exquisite Melodies

London, sitting comfortably on the River Thames is the well-known capital of England. With her rich history, she possesses eons of sagas and epics for inspiration to the music composer. When you step down on her soil, be on the lookout for some enchanting music destinations pledging you for a magnificent experience. We have selected the five most loved aural retreats solely for your appraisal as we aim to guide you on your harmonious pursuit.


1. Cecil Sharp House


Photo by David Howard, CC BY 2.0

In operation since 1930, Cecil Sharp House is named after its founder. This music domicile tips its hat to English Folklore and the structural design matches the accolade. High ceilings, boarded wooden walls and the sheen radiating off of finish of the glazed windows add to its feel. Inarguably the center of English folklore, Cecil Sharp House features all types of English folk dances in their conventional form. It is also the headquarters of English Folk Dance and Song Society.

2. Union Chapel


Photo by Ed Webster, CC BY 2.0

Surreal might be the first word that pops into mind as you set foot in this church built in 1877. Services are still held here, but so are musicians and their gripping performances. Featuring a gothic style, the stone walls and the round balconies with its octagonal shape, the Union Chapel will give you goose-bumps as the performers play away the fruits of their labor. The acoustics are a rare kind and imbibe your soul. Union Chapel has featured famous artists and groups like Amy Winehouse, the Machine, Coldplay and Florence.

3. The Lexington


Photo by Ewan Munro, CC BY-SA 2.0

Located between Islington and Kings Cross, the Lexington is a pub and a lounge rolled into one. The Lexington is known to strike a great affinity between the performers and the crowd. With two levels, rock-n-roll rules upstairs and the blues charm the ears that drift to the downbeat air downstairs. An eccentric built comprising of a giant chandelier and other remarkable elements are featured in its interior.

4. Barbican Hall


Photo by Loz Pycock, CC BY-SA 2.0

Home of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Barbican Hall hosts 90 concerts every year, with gigs, art exhibitions and theatre performances. The acoustics are surprisingly crisp and lucid despite it having a 2,000 seating capacity. Rock, jazz and folk music is also performed here. The vast main hall is the reason why so many contemporary acts are presented in Barbican Hall.

5. Dublin Castle


Photo by William Murphy, CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in Camden town, the Dublin Castle is renowned for its rock performances. They have a grungy intonation to their performances which is both raw and soul-gripping. They have had The Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and The Killers on stage. This is known to be what brought forth the popular English Band- Madness. London’s newest and best are often featured here and you’ll be hit by a burst of fresh, raw energy once you immerse into its spell.

Other Notable Recommendations:

XOYO, Plan B, Tabernacle, Electric Ballroom and Wigmore Hall are other highly sought-after musical sanctuaries.

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