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There’s No Such Thing, As Travel Season
  • Posted Aug 28, 2013
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It’s almost Labor Day weekend, which sadly means the end of Summer for most people. And also, the last three day weekend until Thanksgiving. So you can put away your sunnies, stow your luggage back in storage, that’s the end of travel season, folks. Or is it? Why do people insist on binging on travel and leisurely activities all Summer, and then starving themselves all Winter?

Sure, it’s getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, which is ever the more reason to get out of town and head somewhere warmer. Did you know that September is the best time to travel? If you aren’t worried about things like hurricanes, you could get a fabulous deal on a tropical vacation in September, and have the whole place to yourself. The holidays are right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should reserve ALL your PTO for the family. Why not spend New Year’s Eve somewhere new every year, or wake up Christmas day and jump on a flight to Aruba? Christmas Day is one of the cheapest days to fly after all.

I’m just saying, there’s no season, per se, solely reserved for traveling. Wanderlust is a flame that should be stoked all year long. The only downside: bikini body ready all year long.


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