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The Best Destinations for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Posted Mar 15, 2013
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March 17th is just around the corner, and it’s really not too late to jump on a plane to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day somewhere awesome. There are only so many holidays that revolve around strictly drinking, partying and generally having a good time. St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, and here are our top picks for a green-themed travel holiday:

Chicago, IL


You would think Boston, or even Dublin would be number one, but as a native Midwesterner, Chicago has them beat hands down. The entire city embraces the holiday, starting with a parade and ending with a city wide pub crawl. It’s the ultimate destination for a good time on St. Patty’s day.

Boston, MA


Boston is easily the most Irish-rich city in the country, so there should be no surprise that this is where you should head for the the biggest Irish holiday. They’ve got the largest parade in the country, the most Irish pubs and the best in Irish music- punk and traditional. For an authentic St. Patrick’s Day in the states, Boston is the best option.

Las Vegas, NV


Sin City is usually a good option for most any holiday, especially with the open container laws being non-existent on the strip. It’s also one of the safest because of the lay out of the city, making it easy to go from the pub to your bed with out breaking any laws. In Old Las Vegas, they have Fremont Street blocked out for a giant pub crawl from 2 PM to 2 AM with some of the cheapest drinks you will find in the whole country. Nearly every hotel bar has something green on special.

New York, NY

New Yorkers know how to make every holiday special, you know there will be a parade shutting down various parts of the city, followed by copious amounts of alcohol consumption in very green bannered bar in the tri state area. New York is a great place to celebrate any holiday, St. Patrick’s day is no exception.


Dublin, Ireland

Well obviously you can’t make a list of the best places to celebrate an Irish holiday and not include the country itself! Dublin is the destination of choice for most St. Patrick’s Day travelers outside of the U.S. You can’t get much more authentic than St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, the only downfall being: it’s on everyone’s bucket list.

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