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The 7 Most Common Hotel Hookup Spots (Infographic)
  • Posted Jun 13, 2013
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It’s wedding season again! And for singles that means obligatory travel, free booze, and possibly a celebratory wedding hook up to make you feel better about still being singe.

June may be wedding month, but many of us know how lonely it can be to be unattached while attending one of these events. Celebrating the union of a happy couple while going stag can make even the most confident single feel lonely, and according to a new poll, get frisky before the cake is even cut.

According to a new wedding survey by MissTravel.com, 67 percent of singles have hooked up during or after the wedding reception. Based on the survey of 16,474 single travelers, MissTravel.com found the seven most common places in a hotel for hooking up, no room key required.

The poll also revealed that 76% of those who have hooked up at a wedding taking place at a hotel, have done so outside of the hotel room with the elevator being the most common area of choice.

Check out this infographic for The 7 Most Common Areas Prone to Hotel Hook Ups

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  1. Angela says:

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  2. Lucky Soni says:

    I am very much surprised to see these numbers of hook-ups. Within 6 days i am going to attend my brother’s marriage in UK, i am going to try my luck there.

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