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Ten Best Lakes For Motorboatin Over Memorial Day
  • Posted May 22, 2013
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Traditionally, Americans hit the road over Memorial Day instead of booking flights for a weekend getaway. One reason being the prices to fly over the holiday weekend are astronomical. But the main reason is that most of America can finally enjoy warm enough temperatures to strip down and hit up the nearest body of water. Most of America is inland, only a those lucky enough to live with in driving distance to the coast can enjoy the benefits the ocean has to offer. But for everyone else, there’s a lake for that!

I would go out on a limb and say that the majority of Americans live with in driving distance of a lake or reservoir, if not an ocean. But all lakes are not created equal, I know this first hand as I grew up in central Indiana. We would drive out of our way, passing several lakes just to get to the good ones. So to kick off lake season we thought it’d be fun to reveal our list of the best lakes for motor boatin’ in America.

Top Ten Best Lakes for Motorboatin’ in America: Rank – Lake – Shoreline States – Percentage of votes 

1. Lake Michigan (Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois)        –           23%

2. Lake Tahoe (Nevada, California)                                                    –           17%

3. Lake Havasu (Arizona)                                                                         –           14%

4. Chain of Lakes (Florida)                                                                       –           11%

5. Lake Powell (Utah, Arizona)                                                              –           9%

6. Lake Superior (Wisconsin)                                                                –           8%

7. Lake Placid (New York)                                                                       –           5%

8. Lake Lanier (Georgia)                                                                          –           4%

9. Crater Lake (Washington)                                                                   –           3%

10. Dale Hollow  (Tennessee)                                                                  –           2%


Have a safe, fun and wet holiday weekend!

Any lakes missing from our list that you thing deserve a mention?


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