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Swimsuit Showdown
  • Posted Feb 4, 2014
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Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and that means members of MissTravel are cashing in on vacation time. No one wants to be alone for the holiday, and finding a last minute date can be exhausting. What’s our advice for you?

Find a travel companion, and hint that you want to head somewhere warm such as Cancun or Costa Rica. It’s the perfect way to relax and get a summer glow in the month of February! So if you’re looking to fall in love in a foreign place, we got you covered. Or in this case, uncovered.  Check out our list of fitting swimwear for your next travel destination.

Free-Spirit Bikinis in Cancun and Costa Rica

swimsuit for travel

If you are heading to our suggested, popular onsite hot spots, you need not be concerned. Both places are known as common vacation destinations where tourists rock whatever they choose.

Just remember, if you head to Cancun now, you may cross fellow spring breakers since this is the kickoff time for some colleges. More ladies many be wearing skimpier bikinis there than you think. Surprise!

Thongs for Brazil, Honduras and the Virgin Islands

wearing a thong bikini

The ultimate, risky swimsuit includes the thong bikini. It is clearly the hardest bikini to pull off—figuratively speaking. Models may be nervous to confidently wear this one, let alone the average female. If you have been working hard at perfecting your booty, this may be the choice for you. Why would you spend all that time committing to hundreds of squats and the Brazilian Butt Workout not to show it off?

Commit to showing off that amazing booty in Brazil, Honduras, and the Virgin Islands. Of course there are other destinations where you can rock a thong bikini, but less people will be wearing similar attire. Especially for first timers, it is optimal to wear this style around other people who are wearing a little less than what is required. Who knows, you many even make a few new friends from the controversial appearance.

Conservative Swimwear in Dubai, Vatican City and Egypt

Now some travel companions may just suggest a more cultured vacation and advise heading to a conservative, and quieter destination. If this does happen, remember you will be heading there to embrace more than just the beach. Consider yourself lucky, and take this opportunity to prove that you’re not only adaptable and worldly, but you also researched the perfect attire.

Countries where you need to think twice before wearing a bikini at all include Dubai, Vatican City and Egypt. Most of these places frown upon bearing too much skin, and do not even think about using the tourist excuse. In extreme cases, you could even get arrested for not covering select body parts, such as shoulders on women.

Have Fun!

We hope this list helps when it comes to packing for your Valentine’s Day getaway. It’s not too late to find the ultimate travel companion, and you can still find an appropriate array of bathing suits to pack for any getaway. Happy travels! Enjoy the beach whether you decide to bare it all or keep it all safely under wraps!

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