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Survey: 71% of Travelers have Skinny Dipped
  • Posted Aug 10, 2016
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Spend a minute on the Internet and you’ll see endless articles about travelers misbehaving. Some vacationers are mischievous in the air, while others are devilish at check-in, but a new survey of MissTravel members confirms travelers have taken naughty to the next level by getting caught skinny dipping.

MissTravel.com conducted a two-part survey to determine just how many singles had skinny dipped on vacation and then gotten caught. Results revealed 71 percent of travelers have taken a nude plunge, while nearly half of those had been caught doing so.

Have you ever skinny dipped on vacation? (According to 15,127 respondents)

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

Have you ever been caught skinny dipping on vacation?

Yes: 38%

No: 62%

Orlando Bloom was recently spotted swimming sans-swimwear in Italy, while Justin Bieber was caught in cold water (literally!) when he was paparazzied nude in Hawaii with Sahara Ray.

Although the best skinny dipping moments happen within the heat of the moment, there are a few sure-fire spots to strip down and become one with the water.

Black’s Beach, San Diego

Black’s Beach is a secluded beach in La Jolla, San Diego. This beach is considered to be one of the largest nude beaches in the world, which makes it popular among nudists – although reviews say the beach is relatively isolated and serene.

Lummus Park on South Beach, Miami

Beach goers can’t be totally nude at Lummus Park in South Beach, Miami, however, this may be the perfect place for women looking to lose their tops. This party atmosphere mixed with European tourists has brought topless tanning into vogue.

Oak Street Beach, Chicago

Travelers will have to wait until the wee hours of the night to sneak onto the shores of Lake Michigan at Oak Street Beach in Chicago as nudity is prohibited on all Chicagoland beaches. Rumor has it that Oak Street hosted “nude night swimming” in the summer until 1995, thus making it the perfect place to test the waters and strip down!

Gunnison Beach, Highlands, New Jersey

Gunnison Beach is the only clothing optional beach within proximity to New York City. Just a 45 minute ferry ride from NYC, Gunnison offers a food truck and even permits alcohol on the beach…because sometimes it takes a little liquid courage to get comfortable with your bad (very good) self!

What are your skinny dipping hot spots? 

3 Responses to “Survey: 71% of Travelers have Skinny Dipped”

  1. Katya says:

    I’ve had my best skinny dipping experiences so far on the island of Brac, Croatia. I can highly recommend going there in October. After sunset you can skinny dip at basically any beach since there are no other people anyway. In case you want to go during daytime, there are many nude beaches at convenient locations, including one near famous Zlatni Rat.

  2. guy says:

    will not confirm nor deny if i have :p

  3. windlover says:

    Haulover Park, just north of Miami Beach, has an officially sanctioned clothing-optional section of beach

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