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Summer Skin Tips
  • Posted Jun 4, 2014
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Summer has finally arrived!  It’s time to pull out the bikinis packed away after your mid-Winter vacation.  There is more preparation than just dry-cleaning your swimsuit; follow this guide to ensure your skin looks as sultry as the summer air.

Protect Your Skin

Your first bad-burn of the summer can set a negative tone for the season.  Transition your skin with a gradual introduction to the sun.  Lay out for 30 minute intervals during your first sun soiree.  Prepare fare-to-medium skin with a sun protection factor (SPF) between 20 and 80.

Face protection is vital at every point, try moisturizers with a built-in SPF like this Lancome facial sunscreen.  Male readers; do not exclude yourself, try this Clinique face SPF designed specifically for men.

Choose the Right Accelerator

Most beauty experts tell us to refrain from using anything other than sunscreen while we’re basking in the sun, but let’s be real – many of us want that summer glow.  Choose the right tanning accelerator by selecting a product that offers a bit of protection.  Bain De Soliel, which was made popular by fashion-brand Lanvin, offers products with built-in SPFs up to 10.

Exfoliate Regularly

There is not much worse than an uneven tan.  Exfoliate once or twice a week to rid of old skin cells.  Exfoliants similar to LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser will do just the trick, however, proceed with caution – exfoliating too often will leave your skin dry and damaged.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Cheating is okay in this instance.  Unfortunately, you may be wasting the majority of the summer season working inside an office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a variation of glow.  Opt for sunless tanning products and spray tans until you’ve achieved your optimum natural-color.

Stay Hydrated

Love the skin you’re in.  Hydrate by drinking eight glasses of water a day and moisturizing regularly.  Select a moisturizer that is low in alcohol content because alcohol dries out the skin (avoid heavily perfumed products) and determine whether a lotion or cream best fits for your skin.

Creams are heavier and higher in viscosity, which essentially means higher moisture retention.  Lotions are lighter, more breathable, and higher in water content.  I typically opt for lotion if I’m going out, and reserve indulging in cream for evenings in.

Find Time to Relax

Summer is the time to enjoy yourself.  De-stress by pairing a cold glass of pinot grigio with the balmy summer air.  Sleep regularly and know when it is time to stay inside.   Spend time with friends and family and squeeze in a few vacations.

What is your summer skin routine?

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