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“It’s still warm somewhere!” 5 Hot Fall Destinations
  • Posted Sep 17, 2014
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Contrary to popular belief, fall has yet to arrive. Sure, everyone claims Labor Day is the last day of summer, but it’s not really. Plaid and flannel are slowly taking over store shelves, but this doesn’t mean all hope is lost. September 22, 2014 marks the first official day of the season, so you still have time to enjoy your summer. And, numerous United States locations are not ready to cool down just yet.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles skyline

Pack your bags and head to Hollywood. L.A. typically experiences temperatures in the 70s and 80s all year long. Currently, L.A. is experiencing a major heatwave. Temperatures are in the 100s, something L.A. hasn’t experienced since 1928! Here you can still whip out your short shorts and flip flops without a second thought—you may want to save tanning for another week though unless you literally want to become a California burner.

Las Vegas, NV

pools in vegas

Typically Las Vegas is nothing but sunshine and parties. Grab your swimsuit, outrageous sunglasses, and martinis while you can still enjoy the pools on the strip!  Most pools close in October, so if you plan on bringing your date to Vegas, there’s no better time than now!

Portland, OR

portland oregon

If you want to bring your travel companion to somewhere a little less “touristy,” opt for Portland, Oregon. This laid back city is known for its artistic stature and down-to-earth residents. Temperatures in this fun city will be in the 80s all week.

Austin, TX

downtown austin texas

Country lovers can sport their daisy dukes and cowboy boots comfortably all year long in Austin, TX. Afternoon temperatures won’t drop under 75 well through October. Austin is also known for it’s plethora of food trucks – chow time! You can also consider saving a horse, and riding a cowboy at Austin City Limits.

Miami, FL

miami beaches

Oh Miami, where beach babes bare barely there bikinis. It’s the one spot Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians frequent on a regular basis. If you wish to get wet and wild, head to Miami. Whether you’re dating an adrenaline junkie or a college party girl, this is the place to take her!

All is not lost. If you love the summer heat, you can still get hot and heavy with MissTravel.comWhat’s your favorite hot destination?

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