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Staying in Touch While Abroad
  • Posted Apr 18, 2014
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A blossoming relationship is vulnerable to countless pitfalls that leave you wondering what could have been. Young women are plagued by wanderlust, and spend more time looking at travel sites than anything else. People envy my Instagram of cosmopolitan experiences, but how can I deny a subtle jealousy for my friend back home posting cute pics with her boyfriend?  

Jet setting across the country can seem like a glamorous idea. However, the reality is spent in hotels and airports while your flame hooks up with girls back home. Being available is a main component of any healthy relationship. Naturally, having a career combined with wanderlust makes for a bicoastal babe that can’t hold down a beau.

Insert modern technology. You can be completely present without actually being proximal. Exploiting the Selfie is hilarious, but that popular song is more true than we care to admit. The fact is, you can get his attention through clever texts and social media posts while you’re gone.

By the time you’re on common soil, he’ll be text bombing you to “come watch a movie.” It seems my phone is always blowing up with regional studs. Here’s how to take a good selfie, and keep him hooked while you’re abroad.

Keep Him Guessing

The most valuable advice I received about pursuing a guy was simple. He won’t like you any less for not texting him. There is such thing as being too available. It’s a huge turn off for him if you text him back right away. This should not be the case while traveling! Sure, you want to remind him that you’re thinking of him, even though you’re doing something way cooler. Skip a day of texting, then say something playful like “Wish were you here.. this balcony would be a great place to have sex.”

Witty Quips

Men value clever women, since we are certainly an endangered species. Shooting him a note that you know will make him laugh is ideal. It will remind him that you like him, without being too serious. Snap a pic when you see a disgusting guy in a Speedo and say “You’ve got competition with this hottie around.”

Skip the Play-by-Play

Conversations should have merit, so skip the “How are you?” and “What are you up to today?” Chances are, he thinks that’s as lame as I do. Don’t tell any potential suitor what you’re doing if he doesn’t ask. You don’t want to invoke jealousy. Telling him about how you’re “basking in the sun at the resort” sounds to him like “lounging on the beach with 20 bronzed stud muffins.” Even though Kindle is probably the most action I get on vacation, it doesn’t hurt to let him wonder.

Selfie City

Ah, the selfie. Killing this insta-gem is the specialty of many millennials, but you don’t need fall victim. Pictures of yourself are a must (duh), but there is a difference between a selfie that shouts vanity, and one that makes him wish he was next to you. Having a noteworthy background is essential, and avoid the duckface. Limit yourself to sending and posting one or two of these max, or face being labeled as narcissistic.

Bikini Bod

Planning for a tropical vacation includes working out daily. This prepares you for a perfect bikini pic, and you have the right to show it off! But be warned: sending a new guy a pic of you being all cute and sexy in your bathing suit might make him wonder who else you’re sending it to. Use something sexy, but not provocative, like above. Then if he’s good, you can release the PG-13 version where you’re cleavage is moderately visible.

Scenic Route

Landscape pictures will keep things interesting, and say “look where I am” without rubbing it in his face. Include with the picture a message about why you thought of him while you’re here. Make sure none of your images are with a guy. But it’s your cousin?! A new guy won’t ask who he is, and assume you two are hooking up. Fly solo, and smize.


Time spent away shouldn’t be when he forgets you. Make him miss you instead by dropping the right hints without being too obvious. Then once you’re back home, just wait for him to text you. And believe me, he will.

Do you have any tips for making him want you while traveling?

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