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Spring Sightseeing: The Largest Ferris Wheel in the World
  • Posted Apr 2, 2014
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Once again, Las Vegas has dominated an unsaturated market. If you haven’t been to the Las Vegas Strip over the last year, you are in for a clear surprise. The middle of the strip is now home to the world’s largest Ferris wheel– one more reason to add Sin City to your bucket list.

worlds largest ferris wheelThis daunting architectural masterpiece known as the High Roller, stands 550 feet tall. This allows spectators a full, 360 degree view of the Strip and the spectacular Vegas valley. It holds 28 pods, each hosting up to 40 occupants. Soon, this new attraction will be an infamous element of the Las Vegas skyline, seamlessly found on Sin City paraphernalia just like the Paris Hotel and Bellagio fountains.

If you act quickly, you can be one the first visitors to embrace this exceptional experience. The High Roller just starting spinning on March 31, 2014, and is sure to be the latest Las Vegas hotspot by the end of the summer.

A 30-minute Twirl

Have you hopped on a lame carnival Ferris wheel one too many times? You know the one. It’s rickety, shaky, smells a little weird, and is all around disappointing.

Erase the eerie, creepy ride from your memory immediately.

The High Roller is sturdy enough to support over 1100 people. Additionally, this is not just a ride, it is an all inclusive adventure. It’s one to be treasured and shared– it’s a 30-minute rendezvous after all.

high roller at nightDating Destination

Clearly, Las Vegas is tricky place for a date. It’s home to a buffet of strip clubs, nightclubs, fancy females, and overpriced dinners. Alas, the High Roller is a breath of fresh air.

If you are planning on bringing a MissTravel companion to Las Vegas, opt for the perfect balance of sexy and classy. The High Roller is a great icebreaker for the occasion.

On a typical Ferris wheel, two or four people sometimes find themselves in an awkward environment with little to say. During this alternative experience, you will embrace the Las Vegas strip with a large group of people who are also seeing Las Vegas from a new angle for the first time. Imagine the possibilities, envision the difference.

night las vegas strip

Las Vegas Lights

The elusive view of Las Vegas lights is not limited to the High Roller. Although it is the most central view, it is not the only option.

Consider taking your date on a mini tour of the sparkling Strip from all angles. Grab a drink at Level 107 at the Stratosphere, or head to the SkyLounge at the Mandarin Oriental for a bottle of champagne, and the perfect nightcap.

Grab your travel companion and embrace new heights in Las Vegas this spring. Check out the world from a new angle, one destination at a time.

Will you brave the largest Ferris wheel in the world this year?

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