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Someone New, Somewhere New: Foreign Hook-Ups
  • Posted Jan 3, 2013
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So you’re in a different country, and you’re excited. You’re looking forward to the new sights, sounds, and experiences. But most importantly, you’re looking forward to meeting the local women. Men are naturally attracted to beauty. And that is no different in another country. While some may view a foreign land as an obstacle to hooking up, it is completely the opposite. In fact, it is an opportunity that only differentiates yourself among fellow suitors.

Here are four ways to improving your chances of hooking up with a broad…well, abroad.

1.) Embrace your Americanism.. to an Extent

Foreigners often perceive Americans as rich tourists, wild cowboys, or a combination of both. While these stereotypes are rather extreme, you can definitely leverage them to your advantage. Women appreciate unpredictability, and nothing’s more impulsive than a young American in a different country. The local women will love your cowboy-esque, carefree enthusiasm, but don’t go overboard and become a jackass. Then you will embody the stereotype of a stupid, ignorant American.

2.) The Language of Love

Always attempt to speak their local language. No exceptions. It is better to butcher a language out of respect rather than ignorantly speak English only. If you stumble through speaking the native tongue, make sure you at least do it with a smile. The local women will often find it cute and help you. While slightly detrimental, the language barrier can actually be utilized as an icebreaker, if used correctly.

3.) Preparation is Key

Do your homework ahead of time and accustom yourself to the country’s cultures and traditions. Moreover, know the pop culture so that you can engage in small talk at the nightclubs and bars.

4.) Strength in Numbers

Now that you know have embraced your American identity and are somewhat acquainted with the country, you will need to make friends fast and assemble an entourage. Find locals at bars or fellow tourists who are familiar with the night life. After all, you all share similar goals as singles in a different country.

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  2. Ziay says:

    Come enjoy my beautiful Island of St. Lucia!!! Looking forward to seeing you!!! You will love it!!!

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    happy new year many more to come

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