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Snow Day Activities that Turn Up the Heat
  • Posted Feb 11, 2013
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Snow put a hold on countless travel plans last weekend. While numerous people lamented over being snowed in, some MissTravel.com members took these new conditions as a challenge. A challenge to heat things up in doors. The clear option would be to just shack up until Nemo finishes dumping 2 feet of snow, but that’s not fun enough.
Here are a few activities that will quickly heat things up—or at least take your mind off of current conditions—during the next storm. Everything from PG to Ice-Melting to Polar Ice Cap Endangering activities. Who said snow days were boring?


1. Summer-themed scavenger hunt.
This may cause you to miss the beach, but exercising your brain will take your mind off of the cold. Clues should be strictly summer related. Turn the heat up by rewarding each player with a shot or drink for each clue solved.
2. Plan your next travel date while sipping tropical cocktails.
Talk about the mother of motivators. Planning that Bahamas cruise while sipping mojitos with your travel buddy is sure to warm you up. Meanwhile, booking the flights and hotel accommodations will trick your mind into thinking the trip is sooner rather than later. You can already smell the coconut oil.
3. Battle of the sexes.
There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Even a board game can boost testosterone levels when you vet men and women against each other. Choose a game that challenges both intellect and street smarts—the room will go from sixty to eighty in no time.
4. Try tandem yoga.
Body heat is the fastest way to warm your travel buddy up. I highly suggest starting with the beginner moves before attempting a Basing Jacqui. Not only does this activity bring your bodies closer, but it forces you to listen to what your partner is comfortable and able to do. It develops trust. Pretty soon both of you will be so comfortable telling each other what you like, that another tandem activity might just find itself relocated to the yoga mat.
5. Experiment with your travel buddy’s senses.
Heat overloads the senses: wetness from sweating, stickiness from dirt, burning from the heat, etc. But cold weather heightens our sensitivity. Bring out the usual culprits of sensuality, but alternate between textures and temperature. You might find yourselves begging for another snow day after all.

What are other snow day activities with your travel buddies can you do?
Have you done any of the activities mentioned?

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