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Six Rules To Never Leave at Home on Vacation
  • Posted Aug 14, 2013
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As Summer winds down, vacation regret has some travelers wishing those unforgettable memories could be forgotten. Destination-dating website, MissTravel.com, conducted a poll, which revealed that 3 out of four female travelers admitted to risky behavior while traveling. Based on the most commonly cited risk-behavior, MissTravel.com is releasing six rules female travelers should always abide by.

Top Six Rules to Stick to on Vacation:

1. No unprotected sex with strangers. [77 percent]

Come on ladies, just because he took you around the city on the back of his moped, or to his family’s vineyard doesn’t mean he deserves a bareback ride with you. Be smart! If you would have the sense to use protection at home, don’t let the romanticism of vacation sex cloud your judgement.

2. No breaking the law. [68 percent]

Isn’t it funny how easily your moral compass can be swayed on vacation? Just remember ladies (and gentlemen) that urinating in public is usually against the law in most places, so if it’s not okay at home, it’s not okay on vacation. Either is stealing cars, public intoxication, trespassing, public sex, or other random laws people tend forget while in the moment.

3. No tattoos or piercings. [65 percent]

Unless you go on a trip with this particular task in mind, don’t get caught up in a drunken moment and making a permanent decision based on temporary feelings. Especially if it’s in some sketch place where you may or may not contract tetanus and or Hep C.

4. No unintended hookups. [58 percent]

Just because you are in a different area code, continent even, your best friend’s man is still off limits. Even worse, a threesome with your best friend is never a wise idea (it should always be a stranger…but see RULE ONE).

5. No indecent exposure [35 percent]

I don’t care if it’s Mardi Gras or amateur stripping contest for $1000, keep your damn clothes on ladies.

6. No operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. [11 percent]

For some reason, people on vacation act as if they are invincible. They drink themselves under the table and when they normally would call a taxi at home, they take off in boats, jet skis or other motor vehicles when on vacation. Don’t drink and drive…. anywhere.

What rules do you leave at home when you travel? 

What are the biggest rules a single girl should always keep to herself? 


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