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Out of Town Hook-ups
  • Posted Nov 21, 2013
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Ladies, how often have you had a romp with a foreigner or out-of-town visitor? At least one in five women have, but clearly some of us more than other. There’s just a certain allure to hooking up with someone you might never see again.

It may be known as the Emerald City, but Seattle is getting a new name that will leave other cities not-so green with envy.

We asked 6,625 men, between the ages of 18 and 65, which cities in America they had the most luck hooking up with the most locals.

These are the cities where local women rolled out more than just the welcome mat for visiting men. (Female members from MissTravel.com were not involved in the survey.

Most “Welcoming” Cities in the US

1.    Seattle, WA

2.    Tempe, AZ

3.    San Diego, CA

4.    Albuquerque, NM

5.    Austin, TX


Least “Welcoming” Cities in the US

1.    Salt Lake City, UT

2.    New York City, NY

3.    Tallahassee, FL

4.    Richmond, VA

5.    Greensboro, NC

Have you ever hooked up with a out-of-towner?

What do you think of these findings?

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  1. Tim says:

    I travel a lot for business and have found the best cities to hookup while out of town are definitely New Orleans and Miami. Chicago and Dallas is not too far behind. Not too sure why that is but the worst cities are New York, Boston and Philly. Maybe because many North Easterners are guarded anyway.

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