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Be the Sexiest Travel Partner
  • Posted Apr 24, 2014
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Preparing for a vacation can be stressful, and the thought of forgetting something can lead to major travel anxiety.  Last minute packing leaves us to forget some of the essentials, which can put the modern-jet setter in quite the bind.  Fortunately, there are many subtle ways to make your travel partner feel extra special while vacationing.

Wine Key

You’re probably spending a pretty penny on hotel accommodations, so it’s okay to relax and save a couple of dollars by enjoying a bottle (or three) in your luxurious room.  What many of us don’t consider while purchasing a bottle at the corner bodega, or directly from the winery tour earlier in the day, is the art of opening.   Pack a compact wine key, but be sure to practice opening a cheap bottle prior to your big trip – you don’t want to ruin the romantic moment with a struggle.


Tweezers are constantly overlooked.  Everyone wants to look their Beyonce on vacation, even if the reality is sometimes Borat.  Pack tweezers for both yourself and your partner as busy individuals don’t always have time to squeeze in that last minute brow wax.  Just remember, when encouraging your partner to tweeze –  be subtle, nobody likes an unwanted hair-removal suggestion.

Charging Devices

This seems so obvious, but it is so often forgotten.  Packing a few additional chargers in a carry-on for both yourself and your partner will put the pairing at ease during stressful travel moments such as flight delays and layovers.

Silicone-based Lubricant

Whether you’re straight or gay – lube, lube, lube.  Seriously, traveling can easily dehydrate and the last thing you want is a dry-spell to ruin the moment.  Try Pjur Original Body Glide which allows the skin to breathe without blocking pores.

Lip balm

The kiss is everything.   Lip balm helps prevent unwanted lip/sun exposure, which inadvertently allows for more kissing and intimidate time.  Choosing the right lip balm is important – aim for a product that is lightly tinted, subtly scented and includes a SPF of 5 or higher.


What are your travel essentials?

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    Hey I´m travelling to London next week? Any suggestions? Anyone who would like to show me around town. It´s my first time there. 🙂 Thanks.

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    Want sex parner

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