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Seven Reasons Why You Should Go On Cruise
  • Posted Feb 20, 2013
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Okay, so feces covered carpet and cold meals were not a part of your idea of paradise on the high seas. Unlucky break for those aboard, but that doesn’t mean everyone should be afraid to cruise now. If anything, it’s going to be all up hill from here: cheaper rates, better regulations and lots and lots of wooing. A cruise would make an awesome destination date, so don’t be afraid to take a travel companion.  If you haven’t tried a cruise yet, here are a few reasons why you should start:

1. All-Inclusive

Ok, so maybe you still have to pay for alcohol on some cruises, but you can’t really find a better all-inclusive deal than on a cruise ship. With several dining choices every night and 24 hour room service baked in to the price, you can definitely eat your money’s worth. My favorite part of the cruise was breakfast on the lido deck, a fully stocked omelette bar with home fries and mimosas- every day.

2. Island hopping.

There is no faster-or cheaper- way to visit multiple islands and countries in one trip. For under $500 per person, you can visit 7 cities in the Mediterranean on the coasts of Italy and Greece, or  5 cities in the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, or South America.

3. Cheap Flights to Ports

Flying to an island in the Caribbean from the west coast is expensive, but discounts to Tampa, New Orleans or Miami can be easy to come by. West coast ports Long Beach, Seattle and San Francisco are all major airports that have regular deals from most areas of the country.

4. Private Islands

Some cruises have access to destinations you normally wouldn’t be able to go to. In the Bahamas, Disney Cruiselines has Castaway Cay, and Royal Caribbean has CocoCay, accessible only to the passengers aboard these ships, making beach time uncomplicated and easier to enjoy.

5. Entertainment

You won’t get bored in the middle of the ocean with something to do around every corner. Most cruise ships are equipped with multiple restaurants and lounges, as well as a casino. There is always at least one or two pools and spas on deck, and usually a shuffleboard course, mini-gold or ping pong can be found if you look hard enough. Not to mention spa treatments, nightly shows and dance lessons.

6. Service

The service staff on most cruise lines are known for their exemplary service. From whimsical towel designs in your cabin, to friendly waitstaff in the dining room, to overexcited dance instructors and DJ’s, most employees on a cruise line are happy to be there.

7. Sunset/Sunrise Every Day

Floating on the high seas has its perks, like panoramic ocean views 24/7. You could wake up every morning and watch the sunrise over the water, and every night watch it sink below the horizon.

So have I convinced you to set sail on the high seas or will you still be sticking close to shore? 

What’s the best cruise you ever went on? 

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