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A Romantic Trip to London
  • Posted Feb 14, 2017
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The quickest and most effective way to form a lasting bond is to share as many experiences as possible in the shortest period of time. A few dates spaced out throughout the entirety of a month is the standard form of dating, but far from the best. When you’re on a vacation with a possible suitor you can sustain a connection and cultivate it over the span of a week rather than trying to rekindle it whenever you get around to seeing each other. If you’re looking for an initial vacation to go on with your potential partner you should go somewhere that won’t be of any strain on your relationship. That being the case, why not choose London? Book your sumptuous London vacation apartment and start exploring the richness of London.

A Toast to Us

When’s the last time you were able to buzz a waiter for champagne? At Bob Bob Ricard, you’ll be able to book a private booth with its own champagne buzzer. Surrounded by lavish décor and succulent food, this is the perfect place to kick-start your vacation.

Icon Balcony Bar

After you’ve wined and dined, it’s time to take in the city’s views. There are a number of London establishments that offer stunning views of the capital. The Icon, offers a view of London’s Leicester Square. Get cosy while sipping on a martini surrounded by a French themed décor.

Get Your Pong On

Not all bonding activities need to include fireplaces and mixed drinks. If you’re looking to do something a bit different, why not play a little ping-pong at London’s premier ponging facility, Bounce. The cocktail bar and pizza restaurant includes ping-pong tables from the 2012 Olympics, stone-baked pizza, and an impressive cocktail bar.

Get Elevated At the O2

In 90 minutes you’ll go from witnessing London from ground level, to spectating London from the clouds… almost. The 02 offers one of the most expansive views of all of London. You’ll be able to walk along the roof of the O2 that’s suspended 53m above ground level. Get a 360-degree look of London as you take a jaunt around the observation platform.

Get Romantic with Keats

John Keats was a popular English poet from the Romantic movement. A visit to his home will let you see the world through his eyes. His home of two years has been decked out in paintings, prints, poems, and muses of old.

Hampton Court Palace

If you want to imagine what it was like to live as a bygone king and queen, make your way to the Hampton Court Palace. Take a stroll around the premises to fully understand the glory and privilege of royalty. The Hampton is bound to put your romantic companion in awe. Continue the tour by walking through the Haunted Gallery as you explore the Baroque Palace. Audio guides will help give you a more well-rounded and textured appreciation for the history of the palace.

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