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The Perfect Travel Dating Profile
  • Posted Feb 25, 2015
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Filling out a dating profile can prove to be a real pain. It’s not exactly rocket science, but figuring out how to make yourself sound appealing in an online profile isn’t very simple either.

Your profile on MissTravel.com is not only selling you as a potential dating partner, but also a potential travel mate. Use these tips to maximize your success on MissTravel.

The Perfect Profile Pic

Surprise! It’s not a mirror selfie with your cutest duck face. Guys, please do not post pictures of yourself holding a fish … or a mirror selfie at the gym! Why are these poses so popular?! Try posting a picture where other users can clearly see what you look like.

This is a travel dating site, perhaps you can venture out and choose a picture of yourself somewhere abroad. A selfie at the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower would obviously make you more attractive to potential travel partners. Ladies, bikini profile pictures are very popular on MissTravel. Your fabulous bod in a bikini shows others that you’re confident, and ready at a moment’s notice to be whisked away for a tropical holiday!

Brit gif

Your Travel Spirit Guide

Are you the type of traveler who likes to sit in first class, spend time at world class spas and relax on a sandy white beach? Maybe you prefer hiking through tropical jungles or visiting a hostel. These are important things to mention on your profile.

Be sure to thoroughly discuss expectations with a potential travel partner before committing to a vacation getaway. You don’t want to get stuck in Brazil with a person who is seeking non stop adventure, when your heart is set on R&R. Clearly explain what kind of traveler you are so you don’t attract the wrong partner.

Not flexible

Talk About Your Experiences

Don’t fret if you haven’t made it out of the country yet. Traveling abroad for the first time is a big deal! There are a lot of MissTravel users who have yet to cross the pond and maybe two of you can take the leap together!

On the other hand, your passport could be covered with stamps! List the places you have traveled to and include your favorite experience about each trip. Details of your travels (or lack thereof) are important to note on your profile.


Spelling & Grammar

This shouldn’t be an issue, but this happens often! Writing about yourself may seem like a tedious task but don’t rush it. Take time to think about how you choose to describe yourself and double check your writing mistakes.

You’re essentially selling yourself as the best travel partner, so make your profile enticing! Read and re-read to make sure your sentences make sense and everything is grammatically correct. You’re smart! Sound like it.


Hopefully these suggestions help you find the perfect partner for your travels!

5 Responses to “The Perfect Travel Dating Profile”

  1. toby munguia says:

    I do not have passport but I can get it .

  2. Scott Noble says:

    HI, I’m looking for someone to have some fun with and maybe holiday with.

    • Shernaine says:

      Hey Scott,im game

      • Shaydz says:

        Hands off @Shernaine!! Scott’s mine. I’ve been on your profile, I’ve got my snorkelling kit ready to go spot some nerite snails (Neritina natalensis), can’t wait to see how they react and construct their niche to remain at a pH of over 7. I can’t wait to leak my vial of vinegar nearby to see how they take a negative feedback response to give an effective backaction in order to maintain stability in order to survive and thrive and ultimately pass on their genes to their offspring as is the ultimate goal of life when it is stripped back to its bare purpose.
        I can’t wait to unmask my primal urges with Scott, I’ll upload my bikini selfie shortly to show that I’m ready to be whisked off to a land and be fertilized with his clearly superior genetic make up. That is not in the mendelian sense, but in an evolutionary theory that takes into account inclusive inheritence in its criteria for the “fittest” who survive.

  3. Ron Knight says:

    Please take me off list. I’m not happy with your service.thank you

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