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MissTravel’s Packing Tips for Travel Girls
  • Posted Sep 4, 2012
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Your flight is booked, now it’s time to pack! Every girl has a different approach to packing, but here are some tips for packing like a pro: Tip No. 1: Your Carry-On is Your Best Friend. Never mind the fee to check luggage, the quickest way to put a damper on your getaway, is lost …[ read more ]

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MissTravel Destinations for Labor Day Lovin’
  • Posted Aug 29, 2012
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Labor Day weekend is upon us, and subsequently, so is the end of summer. For most people, this is the last three-day weekend until Thanksgiving, and no one wants to waste PTO. Over 2,500 MissTravel trips have been planned over the holiday weekend, with singles looking for one last summer fling. So where will our …[ read more ]

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MissTravel’s Tricks on How to Stay Fresh
  • Posted Aug 23, 2012
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Ladies, nothing starts off a travel date on the wrong foot than an unkempt appearances. You don’t want to fly up looking like Kim Kardashian and come down looking like Kristen Stewart on a bad day. No travel buddy wants to be greeted by the latter. So, how can you stay fresh during travel? Here …[ read more ]

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Free Passports For Travel Companions
  • Posted Aug 15, 2012
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You say you want to travel, but you won’t get far without a passport. We were surprised to find out that only 25% of the U.S. members on MissTravel hold a valid passport. How can you possibly fall in love in Paris, or spend the weekend in the Caribbean if you don’t have the paperwork …[ read more ]

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How To Be A Proper Travel Companion: Travel Etiquette
  • Posted Aug 10, 2012
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Are you traveling to a foreign country to meet your travel companion? In addition to your basic research, you may want to dig a little deeper into the customs and traditions of a culture before you leave. The last thing you want to do is offend someone by your behavior, especially by accident. Here are …[ read more ]

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