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Overcoming Flying Anxiety Guide
  • Posted Oct 2, 2017
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More than a quarter of Americans report feeling some kind of anxiety related to air travel. This guide goes into detail about the common causes of flight-related anxiety and how people can overcome it.

Reasons For Flying Anxiety

  • Turbulence
  • Mechanical noises
  • Pain caused by pressure changes
  • Misinformation about risks of flying
  • Personality factors
  • Recent stressful life events

How To Prepare For A Flight

  • Research the statistics. Knowing how many planes fly safely each day can help put your mind at ease before you board.
  • Focus on your physical health. Your physical condition can have a significant impact on your mental state, so step up your exercise routine before your flight or start meditating to keep your mind clear and calm.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Download your favorite movie or create a playlist with your favorite music.
  • Dress for the flight. Loose, comfortable clothing will help you feel more at ease during the flight.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine. Certain substances can make your anxiety worse, so try to drink something like soothing tea.

Tips To Overcome Anxiety

  • Stay busy during the flight. Keeping your mind and body occupied can help keep your mind off your anxiety.
  • Download an app. Apps are available to help you manage your anxiety through guided meditation, breathing exercises and other methods.
  • Try to sleep. If you can, try to use the flight as an opportunity to get some shuteye. You will miss most of the flight altogether and eliminate the opportunity to get nervous.
  • Shut out the noise. Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs can block many of the sounds that create anxiety in nervous flyers.
  • Choose your seat carefully. Sitting closer to the front of the plane cuts down on the amount of turbulence you may feel during the flight.

Items That Reduce Anxiety

  • Headphones
  • iPod/Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Sleep mask
  • Crafts

What do you find helpful when preparing for a flight if you’re anxious? 

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