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The North American Holiday
  • Posted Jun 29, 2016
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July is upon us and for half of the world, summer has officially started. In cities across North America, that means gorgeous scenery and balmy weather inviting you to indulge in a summertime getaway. Here is a list of travel inspiration for your next North American holiday.


This chic, French city is the second largest in Canada. During the summer, everyone is enjoying time outdoors. Whether it be people-watching on a terrace while enjoying a fresh cocktail, cycling along the canal to the Old Port of Montreal or experiencing one of the many international festivals. Montreal has become a hotspot for jazz music so make sure to check out a live band and give your jive on with your travel companion!


Espiritu Santo

Located off the coast of Baja, California, this nature reserve is an outdoor lover’s dream! It’s must-see pristine turquoise bays, windswept sand dunes and rich marine life remain largely unspoiled as this island boasts to be a true “away from the masses” holiday. Swim with manta rays and sea lions, whale watch, go kayaking, ride horseback on the beach, taste local produce from the organic market – the options in Santo are plentiful for a memorable destination date.

For travel accommodations, the tourism website is an excellent resource to assist with planning.



Located just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, this island gets the best of both worlds with its Mexican heart and Caribbean soul. You’ll be greeted by miles of white sand and crystal clear waters. Cozumel rests in some of the world’s most translucent and warm waters, making it a famous diving and snorkeling destination. The number of reefs and dive sites are plenty, so grab your date, some gear, and jump in for an unforgettable underwater experience.

016691	Snorkelling - Hardy Reef, Great Barrier Reef


Home to a thriving art and music scene, this bustling city in British Columbia is one of Canada’s most culturally diverse destinations. Vancouver has a broad spectrum of activities – laugh out loud at a comedy show, venture to an outdoor theater event under the stars, catch a ballet performance or a band gig.

For nature lovers, there are plenty of sightseeing activities to choose from – birdwatching, helicopter tours of the surrounding ocean, rainforest to explore and even try your hand at mountain biking.


Whether you prefer a relaxing beach locale, a destination fit for outdoor activities or you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local scene, these cities are sure to impress any travel date.

Where is your favorite North American summer holiday?


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  1. maria says:

    magnifico maravillosas ciudades me encantaria viajar y disfrutalo maximo el viaje

  2. John parkar says:

    It’s really a nice! post. I enjoyed a lot at Montreal’s Canal side, it’s really a great place.

  3. guy says:

    vancouver is a place that so many people talk up, cant believe i havent been yet

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