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The New MissTravel App
  • Posted Jul 20, 2015
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We know that you’ve been waiting, and it is finally here… Presenting the new MissTravel app! No matter where your travels take you, MissTravel.com is along for the adventure.

Since the launch of the first travel dating website in 2012, MissTravel has connected more than half-a-million singles on over 300,000 trips worldwide. The app caters to passionate travelers who are always on the go. At the airport, on a train, or wandering ancient city streets; the MissTravel app makes it more convenient than ever to find the perfect travel companion.

Download it for free in the AppStore or GooglePlay for the chance of a romantic connection with fellow travel enthusiasts.

Offer A Trip

Unique to MissTravel is the ability to offer trips. You can create a trip and be whisked away to the destination of your dreams, or invite someone to go on an adventure of a lifetime with you. Instead of simply taking the chance of meeting someone at your chosen destination, offering a trip beforehand means more time to build a relationship.

Once a connection is made on MissTravel, the two of you can plan the details of the vacation together every step of the way. Connecting before landing on foreign soil ensures the best possible trip for both of you.


Creating A Trip

Ready to travel? Simply login to get started on a new adventure. All you’ll need is some basic information: where you plan to go, what you plan to do and how long you plan to be away.

There are three types of trip offerings that members can choose from which outline how they would like to arrange travel expenses.

  • “I have an extra ticket” – members want to give the gift of travel and pay for the accommodations.

  • “I have my own ticket” – members cover their own expenses and split the costs associated with the trip.

  • “Take me along” – members are looking to be given an extra ticket to explore the world.

app screenshot3

Members are able to browse through thousands of trips submitted by adventurous singles ready to take-off on an unparalleled vacation.

app screenshot2

Real-Time Location

Don’t have time to plan? If you aren’t able to find a travel partner before your trip, our app lets members search based on the location they’re in at that moment. Meet someone using MissTravel who is a local to the area you are visiting and they can show you their city.

Turn solo travel into a thing of the past. Wherever business or pleasure takes you, always take MissTravel.


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  1. dety casey says:

    Miss travel is not a free app on the iphone!

  2. Bolderplod says:

    On Smartphone padlock piccy keeps sliding down & blocking all from view but cant shift it. Trying to find ur app!

  3. shakir says:

    how to upgrade profile

  4. Irene Mascorro says:

    How do I login in and change my pics

  5. Jakir khan says:

    I want a partner

  6. Don’t use the app says:

    I created an account using the app. Later Deactivated account but it was never deactivated. Now my picture and account is out there for everyone to see. None of my password is working and there’s no way for me recover it.

  7. Ferry says:

    Travelling is my cup of tea

  8. Ferry says:

    Travelling is my cup of tea

  9. Babinho says:


  10. Babinho says:

    Traveling is like a dream

  11. Asha says:

    I need a travel buddy

  12. Raymond Alex says:

    I need a girlfriend

  13. Raymond Alex says:

    Check me on WhatsApp +255626487662 I’m looking for a serious relationship.

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