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MissTravel’s Guide to A Couple’s Business Trip
  • Posted Jan 13, 2013
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He may have paid for your ticket, but he his main purpose for going is work. Good news is, some of the best conventions and business trips take place in fabulous destinations: such as Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Singapore or Barcelona. If you’re really lucky, your companion may get stuck working somewhere like the Bahamas, Vienna or Paris. So what’s a travel girl to do when she’s got some alone time to kill? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Errands & Solo Activity

Think of all the things you wanted to do alone, like read on the beach or buy souvenirs for friends and family. These are the kinds of things you can absolutely do with out your travel companion, so you two can spend more quality tourist time together. So if you forgot your tooth paste, or need to get your nails done, do that in the down time while you wait for your travel companion to join you.


Always wanted to try water aerobics or yoga on the beach? Now is the time to take advantage of those unique endorphin-inducing activities that you were never able to fit into your itinerary  before. Take a run along the Seine, rent a bicycle in Central Park or join in on the fun with a bikini work out in the ocean. Why not burn calories during a once-in-a-lifetime experience?


Make a plan with yourself to eat somewhere different every day. Don’t be afraid to jump on the train or a trolley and work your way around the city. Do some research and find some things that interest you, but maybe not your date, and do them during the day. If you love Art History, but he can’t stand museums, hit up the ones you want to see the most during the day. Take in a French romance movie, or any tourist spots he has already been to. Talk to your travel companion about what plans he has for you, and what you can do on your own, and make the most of your trip.

How do you fill in the down time when your companion is working?

What is your favorite solo vacation activity?


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