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MissTravel’s Favorite Destination Dates from The Bachelor
  • Posted Feb 28, 2013
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The season finale of  ABC’s The Bachelor is heading to Thailand in a few weeks, where Sean Lowe will propose to one of the female leads. While most of these relationships rarely work out in the long run, the show has given us some amazing travel-dates to fantasize about. While your travel companion probably won’t be getting down on one knee at the end of your destination date, you can still draw inspiration from some of these romantic travel dates (as produced by ABC). Here are our favorites:

10. Anguilla


Chances are you probably won’t be rolling around in the sand on the beaches of Anguilla for Sports Illustrated with your MissTravel companion, But I’m sure Brad didn’t mind shooting with Chantel, Melissa and Ashley. We were more impressed with the dinner on the yacht, romantic moonlight swims and picnics on the beach.


9. Curacao

Curacao is a colorful backdrop from the pastel colored architecture to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, that saw many a ocean view meal. From helicopter tours to swimming with dolphins, Curacao seems like a great destination to fall in love.

8. St. Lucia

Gorgeous St. Lucia has sweeping views of the Jade Mountains where Jake proposed to Vienna. They also took a sexy mud bath in St. Lucia’s volcanic sulphur springs, but not before sneaking in a few kisses with Tenley while yachting, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins.

7. Tahiti

Do these people always have to be yachting? Tahiti is really beautiful, teal water, white sand, raised huts… more dolphins and snorkeling and beach picnics. But really, would you ever get tired of swimming with dolphins and dining on the beach?

6.South Africa

Riding elephants, going on safari, sleeping in tree houses, helicoptering to God’s window and sweeping views of South Africa are a nice change of pace after many a season ending in tropical paradise.

5.Puerto Rico

Nicki and Ben seem to have enjoyed themselves under a star lit sky near the beach after a day of kissing in the rain. But later in this episode, Ben took Courtney skinny dipping in Vieques after a group game of baseball. (Guess they don’t have dolphins in Puerto Rico)


Probably one of the most bizarre dates in such an amazing location, if you go to Panama you probably won’t be dancing topless with the natives. But of course there is a little beach time and a helicopter ride with Ben and Kacie.


3. Croatia

Emily got to go to a lot of amazing places during her season, but I think Croatia is the one that really stands out. Her dates included some archery in which her suitors donned scottish apparel and competed in Scottish games, and skipping through the streets of Dubrichoiolytickaloahik.

2. Belize

In Belize, the ladies and Ben swam with sharks, learn how to salsa, jump out of helicopters, sail the ocean blue and climb the aztec ruins.


1. New Zealand

More helicopter rides, but a different view than we normally get on the likes of The Bachelor, New Zealand is an absolutely gorgeous place for a destination date. Sailing, and hot pools and even a proposal on this date with Melissa and Jason. Wish they would have ventured in-land a little more, but still looks like an amazing place to fall in love!

Have you been to any of these places?

What is your favorite Bachelor destination?

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    Loved the destinations…one of the missing destination is Kashmir..though there are some security issues but there is no competition in beauty and ambiance..

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