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MissTravel’s 12 Trips for Christmas
  • Posted Dec 14, 2012
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Fancy a holiday in the sun instead of shoveling your walk, or yet another Christmas with relatives asking, “Why are you still single”? Well you’re in luck. This holiday season, we’re here for you. Find someone to escape your holiday with, and spend Christmas somewhere new, with someone new this year. According to our members, these are the top 12 destinations, you would rather be, than home for the holidays.

1. New York, USA 891 Trips
2. Cancun, Mexico 774 Trips
3. Paris, France  569 Trips
4. Bali, Indonesia 507 Trips
5. Dubai, UAE 450 Trips
6. Prague, Czech Republic 342 Trips
7. Orlando, USA 288 Trips
8. Honolulu, USA 274 Trips
9. Santorini, Greece 203 Trips
10. Milan, Italy 171 Trips
11. Boston, USA 164 Trips
12. Cabo, Mexico 155 Trips

New York is the top destination for Americans to spend their holidays when they are looking for romance. “There is something iconic about New York at Christmastime” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of MissTravel.com. “Many classic Christmas movies take place there, inspiring many Americans to travel to New York during the holidays in search of romance and adventure.”

While New York may be the most popular place in America to get in the holiday spirit, most Americans opt for a holiday in the sun than another cold Christmas back home. Members are fleeing to the likes of Orlando, Honolulu, Santorini, Cancun and Cabo for a change in latitude. There’s only 9 sleeps til Christmas, and it’s not too late to make plans. Home is not the only place for the holidays…


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