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MissTravel Style: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Posted Apr 9, 2013
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While I personally believe that travel is always in season, not every one has caught on to my way of thinking. For the rest of the world, travel season is the period between Easter and Labor Day, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off that suitcase. Most people are eager to travel by this point, and searching for a travel companion. But are you ready to pack at a moment’s notice and is your wardrobe really ready for traveling with someone new? Well, I’m here to help you answer some of those questions. This is not a “no white after Labor Day” kind of blog. This is a travel style blog that will keep your travel companion’s interest at bay.


Don’t be the spoiled, naive girl who doesn’t bring the right clothes for the climate. Do your homework, and pack layers so you won’t have to worry about having the right attire for the weather. In spring, think scarves and skinny jeans, but don’t forget a jacket. Don’t pack complicated outfits for sight seeing, you want to be comfortable and casual, like Jessica Alba, not over dressed like Victoria Beckham.


Unless you are shooting for Sport’s Illustrated  keep it casual at the beach. Men love a woman who can relax, and be natural, and the beach is the best place for that. So don’t pile on make up, curl your hair or insist on wearing heels or jewelry to the beach. Suit up and call it a day. There is nothing less sexy than a woman who has to dress up to go swimming, except maybe a woman who doesn’t wear a properly fitted suit.



Girls love heels, but online daters know that height may not always be accurate on a dating profile. Just to be on the safe side, pack some flats or TOMS so you aren’t doomed to be taller than your travel companion. Even if you are loyal to your heels, you might want to slip some alternate options into your luggage. Heels are awful for site seeing and walking, especially in a city with cobblestone streets or uneven terrain. Do yourself a favor and give the heels a day off.


Even in the U.S., eveningwear fashion varies city to city. In Vegas, women wear as little as possible, even if they can’t get away with it. Same goes for Miami. But in New York, the eveningwear is much more conservative. Look into the area your visiting before you pack your best minidress, and make sure you aren’t classing with social norms. In places like Abu Dahbi, women are expected to cover the majority of their body. In London, the nights are very cool, and women typically dress accordingly. Also, don’t forget to consider your date. If he has obligations or events he has to attend that you are accompanying him to, ask about the dress code ahead of time.

What are your best fashion tips for traveling? 

What is the biggest fashion faux paus on a first travel-date? 



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  1. J says:

    Doomed to be taller?? What the?? Tall women are sexy as hell!

  2. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  3. Steve Dean says:

    I think this article has some interesting points, will be taking these on board.

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