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MissTravel Products for Travel Girls
  • Posted Feb 4, 2013
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A plain suitcase and a naked passport are probably good enough for the infrequent traveler, but a travel girl deserves so much more. Here are a few travel products we are lusting after this year, brought to you by MissTravel’s pinterest page.


One. The Cup-Case.

Your bare necessities deserve to hold their shape, so don’t shove them in to your front pocket.

Two. Universal Adapter.

Be prepared to charge your phone, plug in your flat iron or log on to your email… in any destination. Why borrow or rent from the hotel desk, when you could have your own… in any color?

Three. A good back pack.

While some may argue that a back pack has no place in a girl’s life after college, but somethings make traveling so much easier. But there are options like this one that make things both convenient and fashion-forward.


Four. A simple tote.

Every good traveler needs to be versatile, having the right accessories can help. A good tote can take your from tarmac to the beach to the bookstore.


Five. Cord Organizing.

Who needs plastic baggies when you could keep it all together in a grid?

Six. Alternate Charging

Whether you are spending the day at the beach or on-the-go, always keep your phone charged…even if an outlet is not an option.

Seven. Scratch Off Map.

Bucket lists are great.. but visualizing where you have been, and where you have yet to conquer is a great way to make your dreams come true.


Eight. Waterproof Your Phone/Camera.

Get one of these cases and you can instagram from your jet ski, listen to pandora on the beach and take photos under water. Slip some cash and your room key into the case and you’re good to go.


What are your travel staples? 


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  1. JennMT says:

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  2. Delhi Stay says:

    It’s really beautiful product for girls when they are on the way..Thanks for sharing such a great products.

  3. Kim says:

    Would love to know where I can get these items. Do you have websites that I can refer to?

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