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MissTravel Names Top Travel Hacks Ahead of the Holiday Travel Season
  • Posted Nov 18, 2015
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Imagine this: You’re checking your MissTravel account and receive a trip offer requesting your company on a weekend trip to a sunny locale. After a few FaceTime chats you’re ready to start packing your bags for an exotic excursion.

Do you know what necessities to bring? How to avoid being disconnected during your trip? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to help alleviate the stress of traveling?

The insiders here at MissTravel share their top travel hacks that will make your next trip a breeze.

Avoid Financial Mishaps

So you’re all packed for your trip but don’t forget to call your bank and cell phone provider. You can avoid a financial headache by letting your bank know when and where you plan on traveling. This helps them monitor for fraud and also prevents the possibility of your money getting tied up due to suspicious activity.

If you’re planning on leaving the country, be sure to call your cell phone provider. You can update your plan to cover you internationally and avoid those outrageous roaming charges.

Roll Don’t Fold

This is the oldest, most tried and true travel hack in the world. Yet people still haven’t completely given in to this style of packing.

Roll your clothes; Don’t fold.

Struggling to choose what date dresses to bring?

By rolling your garments instead of folding, you will open up significantly more room in your luggage. And all that extra space is just an excuse to bring both your LBD and your sexy red dress.

Carry Heavy

Speaking of luggage, we’re heading into winter travel season so be sure to wear your heaviest wardrobe pieces to keep your luggage lightweight.

Heading to the mountain tops? Wear your winter coat on the plane. Not only will you save TONS of room in your bag, but also think of the weight! Don’t forget luggage fees can be hefty, so make sure you’re aware of any carry-on or checked bag fees before you fly.

Keep It Untangled

Don’t you hate it when you take your jewelry on trips and it seems like you spend a quarter of your vacation untangling necklaces and bracelets?

Travel hack: Use household items such as straws, an empty pill box or a scarf to organize your jewelry. To get an idea of how to store these items, check out this YouTube tutorial by Sonia’s Travels.

Gone are the days of endless knots, with these easy tricks your accessories are ready for wear at the drop of a hat.

Stay Connected

Ever been in a share-worthy moment but without data to document and share it with the world?

Travelers on the mobile app Swarm comment the wifi passwords for popular locations, so be sure to double check!

Tell us, what shortcuts do you take to make the traveling process just a little bit easier?

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