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MissTravel Member Spotlight: Audrey in New York
  • Posted Nov 26, 2012
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Hi, I’m Audrey.  When I read about Miss Travel (on Huffington Post), it seemed like a brilliant idea – I signed up right away.  It’s been a few months, and sometimes it feels like we’re all at a party where we just keep checking each other out, but I’ve made some friends.

When a man from my Favorites list finally sent me a message, I realized, this concept might actually work!  Soon, I had a first class flight to meet him in New York City.

Prior to leaving, I did my homework.  His facebook page displayed countless images from his high-profile job overseas, and lots of messages from well-wishers back home.  We kept in frequent contact leading up to the trip, and I made sure my people knew how they could reach me.

Arrived at the Hudson Hotel, where I was happily greeted by my Miss Travel host.  He’s about 15 years older than me, a diplomat for the US State Department.  He’d just gotten in from a few months in Pakistan, where – you can imagine – it’s not easy to meet ladies.  Since we’d spent so much time chatting online, it wasn’t hard to break the ice, with drinks at the hotel bar.

Our room was a tiny cave, with walls of dark wood and one window.  In the morning, we raised the blinds, flooding ourselves with sunshine.  It was a beautiful day in the city…

We went to see Jon Stewart!  The audience was warmed up by an opening act, a comedian named Paul Mecurio, who’s rude, crude and hilarious.  Then Jon Stewart arrived, welcomed by roaring applause.  He took a few questions from the crowd, including me:

“I’m visiting from Portland, Oregon.  What can you suggest we do – besides this – to have the most authentic New York experience?”

Stewart replied, “Go piss in the subway.  Also, you can roll-a-drunk.  And go to Central Park to buy some weed that’s laced with kerosene, so you can wander around all night feeling like you’re about to die.”

The next day, we took the subway.  Rode the Staten Island Ferry, saw the Statue of Liberty, strolled through Central Park, visited Times Square, and we saw the holiday tree going up at Rockefeller Center.  We had some of the best pizza ever, at Angelo’s (same building as Letterman studios).  Every song played at dinner reminded me of high school, which somehow made it awkward with my new friend, who didn’t know any of them.

During our brief adventure, my Miss Travel host was extremely generous, never pushy or intimidating.  I felt no pressure to get outside my comfort zone.  He was a rare find, a true gentleman…  It’s not a “love connection” but I bet we’ll travel together again.  I’m certainly grateful that we made friends.

Looking forward to what’s next,



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    hello i read your profile it’s imazing

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    What a fantastic example of this not just being filled with one side that wants sex and another side that wants money. Thanks for giving hope to those of us looking for more.

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