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How to Make Friends at Coachella
  • Posted Apr 9, 2014
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If you’re anything like me, a sweaty three-day music festival where people camp in cars sounds like purgatory. But when my friend bestowed upon me a free pass to Coachella, I packed up my high-waisted denim, floppy hat and prepared for Indio. Mind you, we plan on staying in a resort 5 miles from the festival grounds. I am totally willing to try new things — provided there’s indoor plumbing.

Large scale social settings can be overwhelming, but also a great chance to meet new people, and even prospective suitors. Coachella is teeming with burnouts, bad dancers, and B-list celebrities just waiting to be your next BFF. It’s my first Coachella, and I want to meet as many hot guys — I mean, people as possible. Let’s explore a few simple tips to achieving max mingling potential.

Statement Piece

For clear visibility in the sea of glittery pasties and feathered headdresses, having something that sets you apart is vital. While in the fashion world this means an oversized necklace, at Coachella, this is usually a something odd or unique that can be a conversation point. I chose these California sunglasses for one day. Pick a vintage accessory or loud hat that begs for a comment. This works both ways, so don’t be afraid to ask about his vintage Radiohead tee, or poke fun at those tattered Sperry’s.


Beer gardens are awesome, but all your time should not be spent waiting in line for the next brew. Day drinking is fine when you plan on passing out at 8pm, but that’s the same time The 1975 plays. You don’t want to be drunk in the grass and miss that set, do you? A few cocktails will keep the conversation flowing, but pace yourself. You should be drinking a bottle of water per alcoholic to replace the lost fluids from hitting the port-o-potty every hour. Make sure to exercise these tricks to avoiding a hangover so you’re stellar wit is on point for day two and three.


Single File

Eventually you are going to end up in line, waiting for drinks or an open stall. This doesn’t have to be boring, since there are plenty of interesting folk and available guys stuck standing there with you. Think of a clever statement or question to use to strike up conversation, but don’t be boring. “Which male artist would you be most attracted to if you were gay?” is a perfect way to find out whether a guy has a sense of humor. And more importantly, his sexual preference, a key tool when three out of five guys are wearing neon prints and shorts above their knees.


Less is More

I don’t usually prance around in cutoffs and crop tops, but for a music festival this is completely acceptable. It’s similar to Halloween in that all judgements are aside, and being scantily clothed is recommended for maximum fun. A girl who’s comfortable in minimal clothing is all kinds of sexy — not to mention, it’s going to be ninety degrees. Whilst you dance among avid fans and liberal hippies, remember your sunscreen, lest you turn into a lobster at midnight.



If you haven’t heard this tip for meeting new people, you might be living under a rock. The easiest way to attract positive people is to put your best face forward. Walking around in the sun for hours usually leads to a deadpan zombie stare. Passersby are going to see your open mouth and wonder if you’ve caught any bugs today. Every second is a chance to be totally cute, so start grinning.


Put Down the Phone

Unless you’re snapping a pic of Lana Del Rey a few feet away, put the phone down. This experience may never happen again, and Instagram will be there in a few minutes. A girl looking down at her phone in middle of Coachella is absorbed in the wrong moment. How are you going to smize at that hot indie guy when you’re counting likes and snapping selfies? A like won’t make out with you later, but a bearded stud with tattoos probably will.

Standing out in the crowd doesn’t require talking to everyone, but by enhancing your appeal, everyone will want to talk to you. Boost your confidence, and beef up your contacts this year instead of getting left in the dust.

What tips do you have for mingle maximization at festivals?

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