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Luxe for Less: The Discount Vacation Guide
  • Posted Oct 4, 2016
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Who likes paying extra for the same experience? A luxury vacation may seem like something only the elite can afford, but fortunately there are many ways to cut costs on a fancy trip. The less money you spend per vacation, the more you’re able to afford!

Travel When Others Aren’t

Destinations are cheaper when other people don’t want to be there. Low season at a four to five star hotel may be equal in price to high season at a two star property. Furthermore, booking travel at traditionally unfavorable hours, like a red-eye overnight flight, or very early AM, are less popular and tend to hold a lower price point.

Be Loyal

Hotels reward loyalty. Favoring one brand, like the Marriott or Hilton, has major benefits. Joining a loyalty program can result in room upgrades, complimentary valet parking, free nights, among other benefits. If you frequent one destination regularly, it’s recommended that you book the same property again and again – often times management will take note of your favorites and have them waiting in your room upon arrival.

Activity Tracker

Planning ahead can result in major savings. Check discount sites like Groupon and LivingSocial for discounts on off-property activities. For example, a quick search of Las Vegas on Groupon offered tours of popular attractions at more than 50 percent discount.

Charge it Up

Credit cards are an excellent way to build up a rewards system that is available to use whenever, wherever. Points acquired on credit are good for more than just gift cards and airline miles – certain credit cards offer redemption through accommodations, and even all-inclusives. Our choice? Chase Sapphire just launched a card that provides customers a 100,000 point sign-on bonus!

What do you splurge on when you travel?

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