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Love @ First Flight in Cabo with a Vine Star
  • Posted Aug 11, 2015
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Millennials are changing the travel industry, they are Generation Wanderlust. With the ability to share every moment of a vacation with the world through social media, it gives people a chance to see exotic destinations without ever stepping foot on a plane. Seeing all of the holiday photos and videos can bring out one’s strong desire to travel, but for some the desire may remain only a daydream.


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The unique concept of travel dating may be misunderstood by some, so the MissTravel team wanted to show the world what a real destination first date is like.

MissTravel is introducing Love at First Flight, a web series that takes you along for the ride as singles venture out on their international first date.

The first episode follows Gabbie and her date as they get to know each other for 48 hours, while staying at an exclusive beach-front villa in Cabo San Lucas.


The Vine Star

Gabbie Hanna, star of the popular Vine series, “The Gabbie Show”, is no stranger to sharing her every move with over 2 million of her viewers. While the majority of her posts are witty and light hearted, she’s opening up and giving a glimpse of her softer side.

Now, the social media star is inviting her #Showstopper fans into her love life, as she shares this intimate look into her dating life exclusively through Miss Travel.

Gabbie is extremely well-traveled, having lived in London and explored most of Europe. With MissTravel, Gabbie is not only experiencing the thrill of a new locale, she is also going on her very first destination date.

Tune in to a different kind of Gabbie Show as she flies through her first-ever travel date.

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  1. Emmett says:

    Anyone here from Gabbie’s video?

  2. Inhle Cele says:

    She seemed like she loved it, why did she make a rant about it

  3. Chy says:

    She looks so uncomfortable

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