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Life hack: Mile High Cocktails
  • Posted Nov 2, 2015
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Flying, whether it be cross-country, or a 50 minute commuter, can be stressful. If you’re not the type to sneak mini-liquor bottles past security, here are a few cocktails that you can concoct during the next in-flight beverage service.

Bloody Mary

In 2015, Esquire named The Bloody Mary the unofficial cocktail of air travel. Recently, science has suggested that our senses are heightened in the air, thus elevating the flavors in tomato juice. A mile high Bloody is the definition of simple; mixing tomato juice with vodka provides a tangy punch!

Pro tip: Grab a few packets of pepper prior to boarding to spice things up!

Simple Sangria

If you’re dreaming of Madrid, a “seat made” sangria may appease your wanderlust. Mixing a bit of classic red wine, orange juice, and cranberry cocktail is a sure-fire way to taste the sunshine of Spain above the clouds.

Pro tip: Pack an orange or apple in your carry-on to compliment this simple sangria.


When traveling, one must always be willing to improvise…even when it comes to selecting something to sip. Although a typical French75 is composed of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar – it’s easy to simplify. Mixing a bit of Sprite, lemonade, and gin will provide a palatable alternative to the French favorite.

Pro tip: Inquire about the availability of champagne, especially on international flights. You never know what your flight attendant may have access to!

Dark N’ Stormy

While you’re crossing your fingers that your destination will be anything but Dark N’ Stormy, selecting a drink of the same name may help appease those jitters. Mixing dark rum with ginger ale, in place of ginger beer, is an excellent way to relax like you’re on the Caribbean coast.

Pro tip: Carry on a lime to garnish your Bermudan beverage.

White Russian

Although coffee liqueur such as Baileys or Kahlua are not always available on airlines, an alternative White Russian is! Mixing black coffee, creamer, and vodka is an excellent way to get your party started in the sky.

Pro tip: Purchase coffee at an airport Starbucks prior to boarding to ensure a better brew.

Margarita Sunrise

Tequila may be known to make you wild, but it can also be the right kind of crazy for a lengthy flight. Order as much tequila as you’d like and pair it with a splash of orange juice, and a simple, sweet mixer like Sprite or 7 Up.

Pro tip: Opt for Sprite Zero or Diet 7Up to shave off a few calories.

Remember to drink responsibly, alcohol is more intoxicating at higher altitudes. What do you drink when jet-set?


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