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Lessons Learned While Traveling with Someone
  • Posted Oct 28, 2014
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Dating milestones range from first kiss to first sleepover, but the most exciting one could be your first trip together. This is a make-or-break moment, when you figure out if Prince Charming is a chronic mess-maker or if Miss Right is a nightmare to travel with.

Discovering where ideals match and differ is the best part of traveling as a couple. A trip together will leave you feeling more in tune with one another, and hopefully indicate whether your relationship will stand the test of travel.

Neat Freak

Waking up with someone, being together all day, and sleeping next to them is a lot of one-one-one time. Those who exercise a more organized routine can quickly clash with those who are less concerned with order. Take this as a warning: always be more cleanly when travelling with your partner.

You will both quickly find out what irritates you when traveling, so don’t let that be something silly like leaving makeup on the counter, or dripping pee on the seat. Forgive and forget these little mishaps, but be conscious of the other person’s boundaries.

Picky Eater

Not everyone is going to order beef tartare and foie gras, and that’s fine. However, being in a foreign country means some of the the food is going to look strange, to even the most experienced eater. Deciding on a restaurant together might be a challenge, especially if you can’t read the menu. Be patient, and remember that if your partner doesn’t eat, they’ll probably return to a toddler like state and become cranky. Avoid issues by packing snacks and learning some key food terms in the language of the country.

Local Treatment

One of my biggest turn offs is someone who lacks manners and courtesy with strangers. There is nothing more frustrating than a local islander who doesn’t speak a lick of English trying to take your order, but keep calm. Finding out that your beau or betty treats waitstaff like dogs and bell boys like gnats says something about their character. Both you and your companion should treat locals with kindness.

Plan Ahead

A little planning goes a long way. You will both find annoyance if neither of you took the time to organize a schedule and look at the local features. When I visit a city, I have 20 different things I want to do. Even if I only get to one thing, I try and make the most of it. I know I won’t be bored, and I surely won’t be a boring date.

Short Fuse

Spending every waking minute with someone will eventually reveal some sort of temper. You will soon learn how short their fuse is because something is bound to go wrong. Let’s just hope it’s not your fault. Diffuse the bomb by staying calm when your significant other is heated. It only takes a few seconds to get mad, and it takes the same amount of time to lend undivided attention that will bring them back down to a manageable level.

Morning Person

Getting out of bed in the morning sucks, even on vacation. Those morning hours are precious, especially when combating jet lag. Realizing that your lover wants to sleep in until noon in Paris is disappointing, so make a compromise out of it. Get up early one day, and order breakfast in bed the next. Morning people are a rare breed, so make sure that you two can agree to disagree on sleeping patterns.

Learning about someone on an international level is a huge step in a relationship. Make sure to be prepared for discovering someone’s best—and worst—qualities on vacation.

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