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Lessons Learned from Sailing for a Week
  • Posted Jul 14, 2015
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No matter how many blogs one reads to prepare for their big trip abroad, there will still be unexpected occurrences. Half of the battle is realizing things don’t always go as planned but that’s okay! Luckily the MissTravel experts are here to lend a helping hand in preparing for adventures abroad .

Below, you’ll find tips from most recent expedition: living on a yacht and sailing through the Mediterranean Sea for one week. Renting a sailboat is great for a good time with friends or a romantic voyage as a couple. Either way, take our advice during your trip planning and it’ll be smooth sailing for you!


Book a Skipper

Hiring a skipper will make your sailing week a much better experience! A skipper is a professional sailor for the sailing newbies on board. Even if you are traveling with an experienced sailor, booking a skipper will alleviate a lot of stress. You don’t want your sailor to miss out on fun when dealing with the route and boat. This way the two of you can sneak away to explore together and leave the responsibilities to the professional — and also have an extra glass of wine … or two.

Hire A Hostess

Having a hostess on board means you don’t have to lift a finger. They will do the grocery shopping before hand, cook and clean, restock the water, ice and alcohol (because this is needed often) and handle the money to pay for the docking fees. Docking fees are at almost every island so it’s good to talk with the hostess before hand to give her the total needed so she can handle divvying it up when the time comes. No one needs to be worrying about all of this while on vacation!


Bring Your Own Towel

Towels are usually/typically provided with the boat, but in our experience, these weren’t enough. Save the tiny, scruffy towels for showering, cleaning up, etc. Bring your own big, fluffy beach towel for yourself. This you can use when you’re laying out on the boat (so you aren’t as sweaty) and when you dry off from a refreshing swim in the sea.

Using one towel for a whole week gets dirty, and stinky! Keep the salt water towel separate for when you want to have a clean wipe down after a shower.

Pack (semi) Light

Bring a swimsuit for each day that you are there because for the majority of the time that’s what you’ll be wearing. Obviously swimwear  doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase so throw it all in there! One pair of  shorts will suffice, plus two nice outfits for dinner on land. A light jacket is a good idea incase it gets windy at night. Two or three casual tops and two or three kimonos for  cover-ups. You’ll barely wear clothes during the day, but you will be going out almost every night. Pack smart. Pre-select your evening “looks,” – don’t just throw clothes into a suitcase.


Wear The Right Shoes

Boat shoes are a great idea for when it gets slippery, and you don’t want to break an ankle. Try sticking to  two pairs: casual and dress shoes. This will ensure you have options for your night outfits. If you’re planning for a romantic evening, bring wedges or shoes with a low-heel. There is no place for stillettos when sailing!

For guys, dress shoes are easy to wear and pack. Avoid bringing suede as that particular material doesn’t mix well with water. Bring two pairs of nice pants (no jeans) and two pairs of shorts in addition to your swim trunks. A couple T’s and two dress shirts will give you plenty of options for sailing attire.


Motion Sickness Medicine

Not everyone suffers from motion sickness, but you certainly don’t want to risk it – especially if you’ve never sailed before!In our experience, it was more difficult on land than when sailing on the water. You constantly feel like you’re swaying on the dock when you know you are actually on solid ground.

There are options at the drugstore for motion sickness pills and there is even a patch you can have  prescribed. The patch would ideally be the way to go since it lasts 72 hours, but you will have to visit your doctor ahead of time to prep for  your trip.



Last, but not least, is  sunscreen, lots of it! Just think, you’re  going to be in the sun for hours. Protect those pouty lips by wearing chapstick with an SPF of 15 or higher in it. The saltwater and sun can wreak havoc on luscious lips!

Whether you’re with friends or your lover you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime sailing through the Mediterranean!

Will you be vacationing on a yacht at all this summer?


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