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The Least Cliche Spring Break Destinations
  • Posted Feb 24, 2016
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Spring break is upon us! For many that means endless beach parties with coeds, but for others it’s a long awaited, much needed break from our hectic daily schedules. If rowdy college students isn’t the crowd for you, we’ve rounded up the least cliche spring break destinations for the traveler looking for a more personalized experience.


Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

This famous black sand beach is just south of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It’s a must-see for the adventurous couples! The jet black sand is a result of flowing lava rock that pulverized when it came in contact with the ocean water. Hawaii is known for it’s beautiful white beaches but you’ll be amazed at the remarkable contrast of the white sands. Punalu’u is also an excellent location to spot sea turtles.


Manta Resort, Tanzania

If you’re looking for a luxurious escape, look no further than the Manta Resort in Tanzania. This serene resort offers Sea Front Villas, Superior Garden Rooms, and the one and only Underwater Room. Sunbath on the private island with your bedroom floating just below the surface of the crystal clear water. Learn to dive, relax at the beach lounge or chill by the pool. You won’t regret indulging for this dream vacation.


Todos Santos, Mexico

Leave behind the overcrowded beaches in Cancun and Cabo for the unique town of Todos Santos. The friendly locals are happy to give recommendations on where to eat, the best location to catch the breathtaking sunset and fill you in on the history of the town, “All Saints.” Don’t waste any time signing up for surfing lessons, learn to cook authentic Mexican food at a cooking seminar, hike the Sierra Laguna mountains, or relax at any of the five beautiful beaches.


Santa Barbara, California

There’s no shortage of things to do when visiting Santa Barbara. The city is situated on an inviting waterfront with lovely Spanish style architecture and picturesque mountains in the background. Set sail for the day, stroll through the botanical gardens, have some fun at the Santa Barbara Zoo, tour the city on the beachfront bike path and take in all of the historic sights. Once you’re done exploring, there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from on the main State Street before retiring to your hotel.


Negril, Jamaica

Negril has a fantastic nightlife scene that will make you feel like you’re in college again without being surrounded by drunk students. The famed Seven Mile Beach is lined with local restaurants, bars and all-inclusive resorts. The calm, warm water is ideal for swimming and watersports plus the area is a great location to watch cliff jumpers or if you can muster up the courage to jump from 18 feet, that’s even better! Be sure to stop in to see any of the live reggae performances, this is afterall the birthplace of Bob Marley.

Where are you planning to spend Spring Break?

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