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America’s Sexiest Locations
  • Posted Mar 19, 2014
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Setting the right scene for a first date can be the difference between a score and a fail. Some cities are sexy, some are stylish, and some are going to get you laid. According to a poll of MissTravel users, these cities are the most likely destinations for sex on the first date.

America’s Most Erogenous Zones

8. Portland, Oregon

Thanks to its high number of strip clubs per capita, this naughty little city was given the name Pornland. Also called the City of Roses, it’s full of sultry bouquets are sure to open her petals. The retro theaters in downtown make for the perfect location to steal heated kisses and hot touches in the dark. If she’s a foodie, she’ll love the food and bar scene, which was rated fifth best in the nation by Travel + Leisure.

7. San Francisco, California

The breath-taking view from the Golden Gate Bridge is sure to grant gentlemen a golden ticket to their lady’s most guarded gate. Even though the Summer of Love was back in the 60’s, the city is still a common romantic destination. San Fran even hosts an amateur porn convention, so naturally, everyone is in the mood.

6. Seattle, Washington

The phallic Space Needle is not the only sex symbol in Seattle. Couples are surrounded by rolling hills and lush landscapes, ideal for falling in love… and fornicating. As a regional center for the arts, Seattle has everything from opera to street performers, so daters are in for lots of good vibrations. Seattle is also notorious for a wide ranging sex industry, making this a major geographical G-spot.

5. Austin, Texas

Boasting a booming music scene, Austin is home to music festivals like South by Southwest, making this city a prime locale for dirty dancing. The college culture is dense with the University of Texas at Austin’s population occupying the city, leading to reduced morals by association.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

There is a common allure for sex in cities with live music, proving Nashville isn’t just a brilliant show on ABC. It’s also a top destination for convention goers. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, it’s obvious that many patrons are mixing business with pleasure. Nashville is a hook-up hub for transients, and sets a fiery framework for frisky fun.

3. Miami, Florida

Between the Brazilian bikinis and Ultra, this city is downright sexy. Miami clubs are magnets for like minded singles looking for a fu… ahem, friend. If the house music from South Beach doesn’t strike a lady’s fancy, the abundant oysters are sure to fill her mouth with joy. One word comes to mind for the lovers in Miami: dale!

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

This Polynesian paradise is prime grounds for sex on the beach, and Long Island iced tea. Tipsy tourists are always the most lascivious. With minimal clothes required, the tropical climates leaves little to the imagination. With double rainbows at every intersection, Hawaii’s capital is definitely where the magic happens.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Lady parts run wild on Bourbon street, and this date destination is met with alcohol induced liberation. Liquid courage takes chivalry to a new low, and first date romps to remarkable heights. Taking a date to NOLA solidifies the prospect of sexcapades, and the French Quarter whispers the language of love to patrons. There’s one flood that is always expected in New Orleans, and it’s the one in her pants.

From sea to shining sea, America is full of great neighborhoods for nookie. Scoring on the first date is a gamble, but taking that special someone to one of these lusty locations is sure to increase your luck.


Have you gotten lucky at one of these destinations?

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