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Speed Packing That Won’t Leave You Hanging
  • Posted Jan 30, 2013
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Waking up from your afternoon siesta on Friday, you decide to see what new goodies are in your MissTravel inbox. The first message is from a businessman returning  from Bali. He is seeking a travel buddy for his European backpacking trip next month. You make a mental note to offer to be his companion a week from now. You decide to look at a few more messages before you go out and get coffee with the girls.

And there it is: You almost missed this little bugger because of its ambiguous title, “Italiano Americano”.


My name is Sergio. We met a few months ago for Americanos in your town. I was on a layover flight here in Phoenix on my way to New York when I was informed my business meeting has been cancelled. I have the rest of the weekend off and I decided why not seize the day–er weekend! I have rerouted for Italy and would like to invite you to be my travel companion. Are you interested? My flight leaves at 1:20pm.”

You check the clock and it is noon, your condo is about 10 minutes from the airport, and security takes about 30 minutes. Which means you have 30 minutes to pack. Quite the dilemma.That is, unless you already have a speed packing plan established.

Here is a foolproof, 30-minute strategy that will safely get you on the plane and to your destination date:


The 4 Most Important Things To Pack: Passport, ID’s, Cash, Credit Cards, Chargers (Phone, Camera, etc.).

Don’t Forget: Extra underwear, one sweater (the plane can get cold), one pair of comfortable shoes, one pair of fancy shoes.

Pack Lightly: Layers and accessories that match. You will get away with packing less, but your travel buddy will think it’s a new outfit everyday.

The Least Important Things To Pack: Over the Counter Drugs, Razors, Lotions/Sunscreen, Bulky styling tools. Basically, anything that you can already purchase at a drugstore.

The 3 To-Dos Before Taking Off:

1.) Call a friend/ emergency contact to give them your travel details, as well as who your travel buddy is.

2.) Check Visa regulations. Some countries have strict requirements on visitors obtaining Visas.

3.) Call your Credit Card Company to inform them that you will be traveling out of the country.

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  1. JennMT says:

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  2. Kai says:

    Great packing tips! I learned a very valuable lesson about packing that I think might be valuable for others too… One time I was packing for a trip to New York at 3am in the morning – I had to leave for the airport at 6am (fortunately I believe flying tired is a plus!) Needless to say I did not do a very good job. I rocked up to New York with random mini dresses, nothing really warm and high heels for different outfits. Nothing matched!

    So now when I pack, I make sure my bed is made and room is neat first… Then I lay everything on the bed that I plan to take with me. Absolutely everything. And in order too, so all shirts together, dresses together etc. This way once I have everything I think I need, I can see what I have. Then I try and reduce it by half… Well at least a third. The very last thing I do when I am packing is to put it in my bag. It works like a charm every time! Hope this helps!


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