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How to Avoid Airline Awkwardness
  • Posted Feb 26, 2013
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When it comes to flying, most men pray for one thing (aside from a faster flight): sitting next to a beautiful woman. Whether it is an hour or ten, time flies when you’re conversing with the opposite sex.

But sometimes, unexpectedly sitting next to eye candy can make the most confident man nervous. Here are some easy ways break the ice and avoid the dreaded airline awkwardness:

1.) Act on Observation

The best way to engage a stranger is to first ask questions or offer insight related to the given situation. For example, if she is using a laptop or device, ask for her opinion on it. Or if you are both watching the same program, offer some light commentary. The key to breaking the ice is to make her feel comfortable around you. From this point, you can then transition to the “official” introduction where you exchange names, hometowns, interests, etc.

2.) Small Gestures Go a Long Way

Women notice gentlemanly acts—prove that chivalry is not dead by offering to put away/take out her stowaway luggage. If she looks cold, offer your blanket. If she is uncomfortable in her middle seat, then offer yours. You get the idea. And even if she politely declines, she will still remember and appreciate the gesture. Unlike a public setting such a bar or a club, your selflessness will never go unnoticed during a flight.

3.) Befriend the Flight Attendant

When the flight attendant asks for your order, be courteous and polite. If possible, even strike up a friendly conversation. Women generally judge a man based on how he treats other people. Know this universal rule: a man who treats a lady nicely, but is rude to the server, is not a nice person. If you prove that you are friendly and engaging to complete strangers, she will be more likely to react positively to your conversation starters.


What are some other ways to avoid airline awkwardness with an attractive stranger?

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